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(during prohibition) an illegal barroom

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All the fixtures and fittings are still there with stained glass windows and we have incorporated the best bits into our new speakeasy style bar and dining room.
No details of the cocktails available were given but the menu is likely to play up on the traditional US prohibition speakeasy feel.
Events are often held outside in a tent during the summer, which means cigars sold from walk-in humidors at each Speakeasy location.
Renowned mixologist Roy Varty prepares one of his creations at the new Slaughterhouse Speakeasy
The speakeasy would likely have been "a central gathering place for many of the Prohibition era's criminals, politicians, and businessmen," said Krysta Ryzewski, assistant professor of anthropology at WSU.
Designed by Sumant Jaikrishnan and Sabina Singh, Dirty Martini -- an appropriate name for a speakeasy at a place named Olive -- is a jaunty rendition of its seedy ancestors.
This year, they aim to turn the temperature up and the lights down as they head for the shady style of a Chicago Speakeasy.
Publishers of 'how-to' books Open Air Publishing announced on Thursday that its first iPad book, Speakeasy Cocktails: Learn from the Modern Mixologists, is now available.
The Speakeasy is right there with Sam Bond's Garage as a destination for local bands planning their CD release shows and special events, and it has a reputation among local artists as a venue that treats them well.
Today's speakeasy may not be the lush, mysterious den of illegal debauchery that it was during the Prohibition era, but contemporary establishments are drawing inspiration from the alluring havens that so enticed customers decades ago.
Division One: Fairfield A 2 Rileys 8s 7, Sheraton 6 Mulberry Tree 3, Elm Tree 0 Cricketers B 9, Rileys A 7 Station 2, Portrack B 2 White Swan 7, Cricketers A 2 Lord Westbury 7, Red Lion 5 Speakeasy 4.
The Speakeasy project, run by family planning group, the fpa, teaches parents everything they need to know to be able to confidently discuss sexual health issues with their children.
Our customer base has expanded rapidly during the last few years, and we knew that our challenge was to not lose sight of our customer focus and high level of customer communication," says Bruce Chatterley, Speakeasy chief executive officer.