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(during prohibition) an illegal barroom

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Not only did he sell liquor to 10,000 speakeasies but also oversaw its supply from Canada to Florida.
At the height of their popularity, speakeasies were generally either bars or restaurants to which people gained admission by personal introduction or by presenting a card.
Like their historical counterparts, some contemporary speakeasies are concealed behind the facade of another business, such as a barbershop or hardware store.
"We wanted La Guarida to be the first of these new-era speakeasies in Liverpool.
Any high school or public library collection strong in American social history needs Prohibition: 13 Years That Changed America: it charts the days of prohibition, the moonshine, speakeasies and druggist businesses which evolved ways around it, and bootleggers alike, blending biography and social history with an entertaining analysis of the roots of Prohibition and its effects on American culture even to modern times.
Ms Jowell, who is hoping to agree international industry standards, warned Washington its ban on internet gambling will fuel a rise in unregulated offshore sites and push punters to modern-day "speakeasies" on the web.
She accused the American administration of failing to 'learn the lessons of prohibition' by passing laws that would push punters to modern-day 'speakeasies' on the web.
Then, capturing the end of an era, Hirschfeld's animated sketches and caricatures of scenes from New York City's speakeasies during Prohibition are presented full page.
HOT jazz, speakeasies and gangsters provide the vivid backdrop for the further adventures of Irish charmer Henry Smart.
In a country where you must have a membership card to visit most gay bars--which can be as hidden as Prohibition-era speakeasies and the pope issues decrees against homosexuality on national TV, it's clear that Italy will not be doing much in the way of gay tourist outreach anytime soon.
Rather than turn America into a "dry," peaceful, church-going society that the religious forces behind the amendment thought it would be, it created countless speakeasies and gave real power to the Mafia and other criminal organizations.
The club is one of Al Capone's former speakeasies, and Billie Holiday once graced its stage.
Like Liberace's Penthouse, most speakeasies utilize unused commercial space, although one sought-after spot rings the ritzy die-hards to a secluded Mt.
At tea dances and speakeasies, the Charleston craze softened to the slow fox-trot.
Smoking cops, working undercover, now trawl California's bars, while those bars have responded with phone trees to warn one another, exactly the way speakeasies did during alcohol prohibition.