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capable of being uttered in words or sentences


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His status as an already-powerful white man is not challenged and, in fact, seems to be what renders Bradford's complexity in terms of gender speakable. Indeed, according to Gail Bederman, turn-of-the-century ideals of white masculinity were multifarious and contradictory, with the often-trumpeted goal of (implied white) civilization giving "coherence to...
Remember: think local, be the best, and become speakable.
Keywords: Discourse, speakable, thinkable, Montale, Ossi di seppia, Agamben, Bergson, Deleuze, Hjelmslev, Ranciere.
Talking about dementia 6 in other words, making this sometimes difficult and uncomfortable topic "speakable" 6 can be a critical first step toward approaching it collectively, as something for a community to deal with instead of only as an individual problem.
Bell, J.S., Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics, Cambridge University Press, 1987.
Thinkable politics are what Doreen and Stuart refer to as 'speakable politics'.
and quickly returns to the domain of the speakable by rewriting her self-assertion as self-effacement:
The goal of the translator and the director Can Dogan, who is also a Shakespeare translator, matches which is to create a "speakable and understandable" text which takes "performability" as its core.
(27.) Werner Bergmann and Wilhelm Heitmeyer, "Communicating Antisemitism, are the 'Boundaries of the Speakable' Shifting?," in Moshe Zuckermann, ed., Antisemitismus Antizionismus --Israelkritik.
In many respects, Potential locates a provocative tension between the visible and the speakable as it raises epistemological questions about sex.
How we attempt to make sense of our suffering, our own or others' produces an uneasiness and fear, a belief that to indulge in understanding will render the unspeakable speakable. Further to this is the fear that in representing the suffering, some versions of trauma may become privileged.
For example, Beloved is at the same time the personification of a murdered daughter and of the silence becoming speakable, the becoming alive when her name is spoken by a man, Paul D.
Equating Jews with Israel determines what indeed is even speakable and thus what is acceptable for any Jew, or non-Jew, to say.
The aristocrats' responses to these entertainments operate through passive, agent-less constructions ("was said") or repeated stories that underscore their outlandishness and are speakable precisely because they denigrate American heritage while remaining unattributable.