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Synonyms for speakable

capable of being uttered in words or sentences


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The aristocrats' responses to these entertainments operate through passive, agent-less constructions ("was said") or repeated stories that underscore their outlandishness and are speakable precisely because they denigrate American heritage while remaining unattributable.
His collected papers on quantum philosophy are published as Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987).
Crow's approving reference to "carefully coordinated wonderlands" alludes to the regulation required to present as speakable the disorienting performance of the wartime child.
Truth be told, Le Roi Jones was gloriously enthusiastic about the springing up of a new generation of poets who had discarded formalism, traditional social and sexual relationships, and had once again made poetry speakable, sensible, apprehendable.
Sorrow, misfortune, anguish, adversity distress--words that once loomed large in the language, and which now seem less and less spoken, less and less speakable.
The first was formal: extracting a playable, speakable dramatic core from the novel.
Angeline knows these preconditions for tragedy, but up to this point she has not really noticed that her metier does not render them speakable.
this diasporic moment and space made visible and speakable for the
She is written by the discourse that has made her speakable, for she is ali symptoms.
However, Stoker's novel shows that such horrific attacks are still speakable and representable through the collaborative efforts between survivors and secondary witnesses, even though such an effort can only produce a fragmentary and incomplete narrative.
transcendental God (whether speakable or unspeakable), inevitably leads
The expression 'unspeakable' is used in common language for something not speakable or incapable of being uttered or adequately described.
The advertisement posted at the Saudi online forum was titled "Super cute speakable macaw parrots.
Figes' testimonial project succeeds in turning the unspeakable into the speakable and in voicing some silenced versions of the historical events of the Holocaust and its aftermath.
The mind too has it reserves of untouched, unthought regions, and any writing project involves the shore between the speakable and the wordless, the observed and the unrecognized.