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neutering a female by removing the ovaries

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During the month of February, Cook County residents can go to a private veterinarian of their choice and receive up to a $40 discount on the cost of spaying or neutering if the animal is current or becomes current for rabies vaccines," said Dr.
There needs to be more free or low-cost programs to provide spaying, neutering and vaccination services; more volunteers to trap stray cats and have them spayed and neutered; and people should be educated about available services and to keep their cats inside instead of abandoning them on the street.
By spaying and neutering cats, she added, "we can make their lives better, in the sense that an altered animal is usually a lot healthier and less likely to have some of the behavior problems that people complain about, like the fighting and the spraying.
The two biggest health benefits cited for spaying females before their first heat is reduced risk of mammary-cancer rates and the elimination of pyometra.
I also recently saw an article citing a study that said early spaying was linked to the development of bone cancer.
Looney points out, spaying a female kitten at four to six months of age--when her reproductive organs are nearing maturity--will dramatically reduce her susceptibility to several life-threatening disorders associated with the feline reproductive system.
Spay Day is an annual campaign to inspire people to save animal lives by spaying or neutering pets and stray animals.
Firstly, spaying is the only safe and effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
And it is to counter this that Salter's organisation has started a simple process: spaying.
Hendrick had been about to sterilize the cat, a process called spaying for females and neutering for males, when she discovered that not only was the female seven weeks pregnant, but also very close to death.
A Spaying (or neutering) has important health benefits for dogs and involves removing the uterus (womb) and ovaries.
THE NICOSIA Municipality has launched a campaign of spaying stray cats.
Spay Day" promotes the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs to prevent animal overpopulation, which can lead to the euthanizing of many homeless pets.