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(of a female animal) having the ovaries removed

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In 2017, The Anti-Cruelty Society spayed and neutered 6,175 pets from the public and 2,794 shelter pets, sterilizing a total of more than 9,000 Chicago-area pets.
Daniel further adds that it is a misconception that only aspin or puspin (native dogs and cats) need to be spayed or neutered.
There is scientific evidence proving that if a dog is spayed before their first season, the risk of mammary tumours is significantly reduced and there is evidence to say that the older a dog is before being spayed, the more likely you are to have complications associated with the surgery.
Since then, she said, the group of about 15 volunteers have had more than 3,000 stray cats spayed or neutered.
The program is seeking volunteers to help reach its goal - and grant requirement - of 175 spayed or neutered cats this year.
Zink associates with early spay/neuter continues: greater risk of hemangiosarcoma, mast cell cancer, lymphoma, and bladder cancer; higher incidence of hip dysplasia in dogs spayed or neutered at six months of age; significantly higher prevalence of cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injury; heightened risk of urinary incontinence in females that are spayed early, as well as some cases in males; greater likelihood of hypothyroidism in spayed and neutered dogs; higher incidence of infectious diseases in dogs spayed and neutered at 24 weeks or less; higher incidence of adverse reactions to vaccines in altered dogs; and increased risk of prostate cancer in neutered males.
With regards to bone cancer, a recent study showed increased percentages of bone sarcoma in spayed and neutered Rottweilers versus intact Rottweilers.
Unfortunately, there is no absolute conclusive test to tell if your cat has already been spayed.
Studies have shown that if a dog is spayed before her first season, then the risk of malignant mammary tumours is reduced by 99.
While people may question the ethics behind spaying, what cannot be argued is that spayed street dogs are healthier than others.
Throughout February, Animals Lebanon is offering 50 percent discounts for people wishing to undertake the "TNR" process for their local stray, where the animal is trapped humanely, neutered or spayed to prevent future unwanted births, and then returned to the area where they were found.
If your dog is spayed, she will have her operation in the morning and can go home that same day.
The city is working toward the no-kill goal through innovative programs designed to increase the adoption of homeless pets and the number of animals that are spayed or neutered.