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the process by which an organism produces others of its kind

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The monthly variation of oocyte stages and oocyte diameter did not vary for any reproductive phase (development, spawning capable and actively spawning) during the spawning season (from October to March), with all oocytes stages present in ovaries exhibiting continuous oocyte recruitment.
Multiple spawning can alter the physiological state of females, leading to their reproductive exhaustion as a result of insufficient time for storage of reserves in the hepatopancreas and their transport to the ovary (Primavera, 1985; Harrison, 1990).
Despite the high costs in acquiring hapas due to problems with regard to clogging and low oxygen levels, the hapas system is by far the commonest because diseased animals and improvement on spawning synchrony may be easily identified (Adel, 2012).
The discovery was made by University of Queensland and CSIRO researchers investigating whether corals that split their spawning over multiple months are more successful at spreading their offspring across different reefs.
The University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute (UPMSI), forerunner of giant clam conservation in the Philippines, supervised the spawning activity, where about 9.5 million eggs were fertilized from native giant clams located at Dos Palmas Resort and Spa in Palawan.
To tell if a crappie is actively spawning, hold it on its back and run your thumb and index finger from just behind the gills to the vent (the external opening near the anus where fish excrete eggs or milt).
Typically, reproductive potential is estimated by strip spawning and quantifying the number of eggs recovered from each female; however, strip spawning involves soaking the gonad in a chemical such as dithiothreitol (DTT) which induces germinal vesicle breakdown, a disintegration of the coating around the egg that would be removed naturally by passage through the gonoduct (Courtney 1927, Johnson & Johnson 1950, Smiley 1986).
The stock is expected to continue to increase and should be within a few percentage points of the target spawning stock biomass (26%) by 2028 (SEDAR 52, 2018).
Increased chances of ammo boxes spawning from 65-80 [percent] to 85-95 [percent].
Aggregations of tens of thousands of individuals of the same species, which occur at the same time and location for spawning, are a vital phase in the life histories of many reef fish (Colin et al., 2003; Sadovy de Mitcheson et al., 2008).
Coral reefs in southern Taiwan's Kenting National Park have come into the first major mass spawning activity of the year, which started earlier than the previous year, probably affected by climate change.
Facultative associates may begin spawning before host nesting begins and then visit host nests either to continue spawning or to feed.
From 1994 to 2015, the spawning biology of two populations of spottail darters (Etheostoma squamiceps) was monitored using artificial nest sites in two first-order streams that are part of the Bayou Creek drainage in southwestern Indiana.
Spawning season was determined by examining monthly variations in GSI (Wang and Chen, 1995) and microscopic analysis of maturity stages of ova periodically.