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a female fish at spawning time

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These fishes are both multiple and partial spawners, between short intervals, producing thousands of eggs with high variability, being the species Dicentrarchus labrax an example of high fecundity with 300,000 eggs [kg.sup.-1] (Buke, 2002).
For example, substrate scores (QHEI metric) were significantly lower in impounded areas, corresponding with a significantly lower abundance of simple lithophilic spawners that require high quality coarse substrate for reproduction.
Two population indices were constructed from the [N.sub.VPA] matrix: (1) snail spawner virtual abundance (or SS index) and (2) snail recruit virtual abundance (or SR index) (Appendix, Table A2).
Based on histological sections of ovaries and the oocyte size frequency distribution were able to classify the ovarian development organization of the Brazilian snapper as asynchronous, and the reproductive style as indeterminate fecundity spawner species.
Heterochronal spawners spawn multiple times during an extended breeding season (8, 9), whereas isochronal spawners spawn once per season (9).
There was not significantly difference between weight of three group of spawner (no selected for hormonal treatment, spawned and did not spawned; P>0.946), and not between length of three group (P>0.949).
Sound production often is associated with courtship and reproduction and is often in fishes with reproductive strategies that require defending a limited resource (crevice spawners, cavity spawners, pit-builders).
This species is a nest associate spawner found to use nests of S.
In contrast to Nordeng's (1961, 1983) results, we could not demonstrate sex ratios that departed from unity, irrespective of morph or category of spawner. Sex ratios in the nonspawning segment of a chaff population tended to approach unity (Johnson, 1980).
A return of the Derby to its former eminence as the world's greatest race, or even to the respect it used to enjoy as the spawner of lesser imitations all over the planet, may still be out of the question.
Longer walleye with increasing egg mortality resulted in younger maturation, more adults being spawners, and increasing spawner abundances.
Protection of conch in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park presented the unusual opportunity to examine a wide range of spawner densities, from a few conch per hectare to approximately 650 per hectare.
Patterns of size-assortative streaking, the relationship between the size of the streaker and the individual releasing eggs on a spawn, were analyzed for all records where the size of a streaker and the size of the female-role spawner were known using parametric correlation analysis.
Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) runs and consumer fitness: growth and energy storage in stream-dwelling salmonids increase with salmon spawner density.
Vernal explorations showed that during 1997.2004 an age-1 spawner weighed 1.15-1.77 g with low variability between years (Fig.