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a female fish at spawning time

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Fishery reserves protect the integrity of spawner density for high reproductive efficiency and larval production.
As expected, estuarine resident and estuarine spawner species existed predominantly in estuarmne eelgrass sites.
Fish from stage IV to stage VII were considered to be spawners of the year.
And I caught her, the lovely nineteen-inch spawner, the mottled bright and dark-green fish.
Two types of spawners overlapped spatially within the survey area: those that exhibited peak spawning during April in the SCB at about 15.
KEY WORDS: abalone, Haliotis kamtschatkana, Allee effect, broadcast spawner, fertilization, free spawner, density, distance methods, nearest neighbor, recruitment overfishing
The criteria include the number of spawners that returned three years previously, the "parent year-class.
Because broadcast spawners are susceptible to mate limitation (which is the dominant cause of Allee effects in aquatic invertebrates), the reproductive asynchrony we found in Spondylus populations in Ecuador further increases the significance of potential depensatory mechanisms and of nearest neighbor distance.
One part of the study includes a "mark-and-recapture" effort to estimate spawner abundance.
THE baggot, for instance, is an eggbound salmon, or a later spawner which is still full of roe.
We found, with one important exception, that spawner sanctuaries inside stockades could be used to concentrate and protect adult scallops during a time when they ate susceptible to ray predation.
ABSTRACT Spawner sanctuaries, harvest-free areas planted with high densities of adult clams, are currently being used to restore self-sustaining populations of Mercenaria mercenaria (L.
The fish swam off strongly and, having been carefully handled, it has every chance of making it back to sea and returning to the river in a year or two as a repeat spawner.
53, virtual population analysis was performed to obtain two population indices: (1) snail spawner virtual abundance (or SS index), and (2) snail recruit virtual abundance (or SR index).