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Synonyms for spawl

a fragment broken off from the edge or face of stone or ore and having at least one thin edge


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YOUNG engineer Andrew Spawls is making waves in the maritime world by becoming the fourth generation of his family to embark on a career at sea.
Biogeographically, the presence of species such as Leptopelis flavomaculatus, Hyperolius puncticulatus (Pfeffer, 1893) and Thelotornis mossambicanus (Bocage, 1895) that are present in the typical coastal forest of Arabuko-Sokoke provide an evidence that Kitobo forest species has close affinities with coastal forests (Drewes 1992, Chira 1993, Howell 1993, Schi0tz 1999, Spawls et al.
diadema in Tanzania (where our adult specimens were collected) (Conant & Collins 1998; Spawls 2002).
Though it spawls across more than five million acres in southern Wyoming--an area larger than the state of Connecticut--most Americans have never even heard of it.