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(of horses) afflicted with a swelling of the hock-joint

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(15) Burns invokes the full panoply of Apollo, Muses, and Pegasus, but his tone is mockingly self-deprecating: Apollo and the Muses are 'glowran' rather than smiling upon him, his Pegasus is 'spavet' (spavined, lame), barely able to hobble into a gallop, and Burns hastily dismounts from its 'sweaty, wizen'd hide'.
Even greater than the elation over the sudden windfall, however, was the relief that the federal constabulary would not be descending on my domicile to break down our doors, drag me away in chains, and confiscate the family treasure (such as it is)--down to the last farthing, including the spavined plough horse, our first-born child, the moldy seed grain, and whatever stray crumbs or bezoars might remain.
Such objections to the examined private life among black nationalists are well known for their stridency ("the spavined whine and plea" of writers like Baldwin "is sickening past belief"), but they had more moderate counterparts as well (117).
The window shade is a brown fabric on a spavined roller.
The axles of tiny cars, torsos of pilots exiled from their cockpits, gas-station signs, railroad-crossing gates, canoes with garish redskins, surviving pawns from the shipwreck of a board game, corsairs with gaping holes midhull, nurses eternally well-behaved in their unmussable skirts, the heads of high-wire electricians, battleships on casters, spavined sawhorses ...
I hesitate to describe Kirklees councillor Kath Pinnock as being the fig leaf to council leader Clr Khan, but she certainly does seem to have hitched her Kirklees LibDem wagon to Labour's spavined old nag.
Look, driven one leg to death, and spavined the other for life, and now wears out bone legs by the cord.
The end of The Last Gentleman can be read as a graceful summary of Percy's difficulties with both Pieper's philosophy and postmodern culture that, at the same time, extends hope to the eternal wayfarer: But as the Edsel took off, spavined and sprung, sunk at one corner and flatulent in its muffler, spuriously elegant and unsound, like a Negro's car, a fake Ford, a final question did occur to him and be took off after it.
Johnson said: "If you're suggesting Britain is a sort of spavined, broken-backed creature, that's not something I agree with.
Push aside the froth, and horseracing, whether at gloried gatherings of what's left of horsey-set high society or backwater tracks where spavined plugs end their days as long shots getting longer, is a shabby, money-driven industry that exploits and abuses enslaved animals.
New Orleans was too low, the World Trade Center was too high, and our democracy has gone spavined. Knowing other people rusticating in vans, with a trailer lot in Florida and a dozen acres here, I haven't asked where they're from.
my bad spavined legoland back against a My Mate wall all