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a swelling of the hock joint of a horse

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Diagnosis of bog spavin was based on the typical clinical appearance, three characteristic fluctuating swellings, the largest of which is located at the dorsomedial aspect of the hock joint.
Miss Spavin said: "We had a really big entry and I'm shocked to win but he's the top winning Beagle this year.
Other than horsing around in the Mess, the average Horse Artillery officer wouldn't know a spavin from a hangover, or a hoof pick from a button hook.
Twas a glorious Sight to behold, the Fair Sex All washing with Gentlemen up to their Necks, And view them so prettily tumble and sprawl In a great smoking Kettle as big as our Hall: And To-Day many Persons of Rank and Condition We boil'd by Command of an able Physician, Dean SPAVIN, Dean MANGEY, and Doctor DE'SQUIRT, Were all sent from Cambridge to rub of their Dirt.
Richard Spavin came third with two whiting for 1lb 2.
Two more Garner penalties came, against a try by hooker Shaun Spavin that Deacon converted, then Rumney struck as centre and captain Phil Carlton scored, though injured in the process, yet Garner's fourth penalty reduced the lead to a point.
Vale replied immediately with a try from Spavin before Dave Cunliffe crashed over in the 54th minute.
Diana Spavin, owner of Parkway Boarding Kennels and Cattery, which overlooks the site, said police had called two weeks ago to ask if she could remember anything unusual happening at the site 10 years ago.
TODAY we probably take for granted our right to walk freely in our local hills, but this has not always been the case, as Edmund Spavin explained in a talk to Holme Valley Civic Society - writes Margaret Hinchliffe.
But when the bass guitarist and lead guitarist left unexpectedly, it left drummer Deborah with just singer Tracy Spavin for musical company.
Another boxer to win via the short route, and annex the senior best boxer award, was 23-year-old Craig Robinson (Portmead/Blaenamaes ABC), who halted a game 17-year-old Sean Spavin in the final round.
I'M writing this letter of thanks following the birth of our daughter, Sula Spavin Bell, on May 10 to all those individuals and teams who helped bring her into the world.
Classmate Sean Spavin, 16, from Rumney, Cardiff, added: 'I did not really like school.
Preston: Kelly, Ross, Donnelly, Lawton (Singelton, 82mins), Cranston, Kendall, Lee Godfrey, Dawson, Spavin, Veall.
Third row: Doreen Hughes, Olga Spavin, Julie Hopkins, Doreen Graham, Joyce Williams, Maureen Beverly, Pat Wheeldon, Wendy Barker, Joan Dixon, Mary Raisbeck, Pat Ellis.