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(of a leaf shape) having a broad rounded apex and a narrow base

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The caecal end of the appendix is then spatulated on the antimesenteric side.
The assistant then eye-drops the monomer liquid into the powder, enough to create a thick, barely viscous--but not visibly powdery--acrylic/monomer mixture, which is then spatulated into the abutment tooth hole in the pre-operative impression.
kanpurensis possess an unusually long recurved point of ventral anchor, a forcipulate accessory piece through which the copulatory tube passes, a small thread-shaped sclerite and spatulated onchium.
After the pelvis is incised, the ureter is spatulated laterally and the anastomosis is performed using a running suture (Figure 1).
First male gonopod strongly bent caudo-cephalic; lateral lobe semicircular with distal portion semi-acute, directed distally; accessory lobe spatulated with distal portion regularly rounded, subequal in length to lateral lobe, almost continuous with lateral lobe, except by V-shaped recess between them distally, on lateral view (Fig.
The edges of the urethral mucosa were spatulated and sutured to the edges of the tunica albuginea using 4/0 vicryl simple interrupted sutures.
The brachial artery was then dissected free above the elbow, the patient was heparinized, and the vein was spatulated to facilitate better inflow.
3) curved upward and inward on the distal half, tapering toward blunt spatulated apex and with a internal sharp hook-like process on basal third.
Cerci robust, with the distal portion upcurved, generally spatulated (Fig.
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