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(of a leaf shape) having a broad rounded apex and a narrow base

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Microscopic examination Conidial heads pyriform to spatulate Conidiophore 5.0-7.0 [micro]m in diameter.
12) with median lobe shallowly constricted at midlength giving a spatulate dorsal habitus; paramere deeply sinuate before subsagittate apex; ventrally separate, articulate.
Upper and lower incisors are typically spatulate in shape with straight incisal edges that serve for biting and cutting.
8 Blade of paramere with small inwardly bent apical spine, inner margin smooth and a little swollen; dorsal conjunctival appendages large, apical portion thin turned inward like sickle, penial lobes broad, spatulate; 1stgonocoxaewith posterior margin straight; 2nd gonocoxae posteriorly convex; spermathecal bulb with 3 sub equal processes ..............naokotiensissp.
The prostomium is smooth, conical, more or less acutely pointed, globular, broad, or spatulate; without any sensory appendages or palps, but nuchal slits or depressions are sometimes present; with a pair of small eyes sometimes present.
However, the leaves of Annularia are linear-lanceolate, lanceolate or spatulate, with the broadest part in the middle of the leaf or near the apex; Asterophyllites has narrower, almost parallel-sided leaves, with the broadest part in the lower third, and a pointed apex.
The Captain places his spatulate fingers lightly on the azimuth ring, as though the gentle precision of his fingers alone could ensure the ship's survival.
The neuroma had a spatulate shape and had a dent in the center, which was plausibly due to the impression by the metatarsal heads (Figures 2(b) and 3).
triphylla; second, the rhizoids in adult stages presented a spatulate apex (Fig.
Sitti, "Biologically inspired polymer microfibers with spatulate tips as repeatable fibrillar adhesives, " Applied Physics Letters 89 (2006): 261911.
The second type has a broader, spatulate tip with small serrations on all sides (see types more clearly shown in larger specimens; Fig.
Their shapes were generally wedges, but also seen were fringed tabs, circles, rhomboids, burrs, boxes, ovals, and spatulate forms.
The Spatulate embryo, according to Martin (1946) classification, is defined as "[...] embryo erect; cotyledons variable, thin to thick and slightly expanded to broad; stalk not invested by cotyledons or only slightly so [...]".
The internal upper incisors are spatulate, while the external incisors are diminutive and close to the former.
The new species is characterized by its hemiepiphytic habit, long-petiolate, subterete sulcate gray-green-drying petioles, narrowly ovate-triangularsagittate narrowly acuminate blades with the anterior lobe broadly concave along the margins, a spatulate sinus, 3(4) pairs of basal veins with none of the basal veins free to the base, the 1st pair of basal veins broadly spreading, then directed upward along the margin and regularly very remote from the margins, 10-13 pairs of primary lateral veins, and these scarcely distinct from the interprimary veins, as well as by long-pedunculate inflorescence with a green erect-spreading spathe which is shorter than the spadix, and a moderately short weakly tapered essentially sessile green spadix with large flowers.