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(of a leaf shape) having a broad rounded apex and a narrow base

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2F, G) with pair of very long dorsal membranous conjunctival appendages gradually tapering in width, specially apical portion very thin, somewhat sickle-shaped, posterior portion acuminated, pair of ventrolateral conjunctival appendages placed moderately apart, like shoe-horn-shaped and U-shaped; pair of spatulate sclerotized penial lobes, a little longer than vesica.
Also, the leaves of Annularia sphenophylloides are spatulate and possess a markedly swollen, rounded, mucronate apex that is quite distinctive.
triphylla have a spatulate apex when adult, character also observed in D.
The second type has a broader, spatulate tip with small serrations on all sides (see types more clearly shown in larger specimens; Fig.
Their shapes were generally wedges, but also seen were fringed tabs, circles, rhomboids, burrs, boxes, ovals, and spatulate forms.
3% HL), nostrils anterior to central point of orbit, anterior nostril with spatulate flap extending posteriorly dorsal to posterior nostril and surpassing vertical bisecting posterior nostril when depressed, posterior nostril larger than anterior and without flap; cranial spines mostly absent with the exception of moderately weak nasal spines.
The internal upper incisors are spatulate, while the external incisors are diminutive and close to the former.
2-67 cm wide, turned somewhat inward; sinus spatulate, 8 cm deep, 4.
1D) broader than long; with single pseudospiracular opening; subepandrial plate large, semicircular in dorsal view; hypoproct broadly U-shaped, densely pilose, covering bases of epandrial claspers; epiproct small, oval; epandrial claspers curved, carrying three distal tenacula in one row; tenacula spatulate, 87 pm long, tips slightly expanded.
Morpho physiological dormancy in seed of two North American and one Eurasian species of Sambucus (caprifoliaceae) with underdeveloped spatulate embyos.
With a deep body and spatulate tail, it resembles a bass fisherman's swimbait--made for rigging on an offset worm hook for steady reeling over and through heavy cover.
Dormancy-breaking and germination requirements of seeds of four Lonicera species (Caprifoliaceae) with underdeveloped spatulate embryos.
Gonopore processes long and spatulate with rounded tips.
2A); lateral lobe semicircular with distal portion semi-acute, directed distally, caudal surface excavated, external border with row of minute setae; accessory lobe spatulate with distal portion regularly rounded, caudal surface covered by rough papillae (Fig.
They can be simple, bifid or divided several times, rond, spatulate, turbinate, lanceolate, ovoid, linear or of any intermediate forms.