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Synonyms for spatter

Synonyms for spatter

Synonyms for spatter

the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

the act of splashing a (liquid) substance on a surface

rain gently

spot, splash, or soil


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In a comprehensive multicenter study of blood splashes on 600 facial shields, Endo et al found that visual examination alone detected blood spatters on 50.
With that information, and an angle of impact estimated from the shape of the stain, their software projects a realistic trajectory backwards in time to locate the origin of the blood spatter.
If they properly photograph and accurately measure the length and width of the individual blood spatters and the distance from each spatter to the point of convergence, they can provide the expert analysts with data to make the necessary calculations and draw their conclusions.
The phrase 'blood spatters the canvas' was used to indicate blood was shown in the game, although the amount was moderate, it was claimed.
When your painting has enough spatters, let it dry.
It's always wise to cover furniture and residents' belongings with a drop cloth or a plastic tarp to protect them from spatters.
They spoke of mice dice, republicans, democrats, How stars may be foiled of grand desires, How love may be wept over as an abstraction, How black velvet may suddenly transfuse With tracks and spatters of red blood, How fate waits at a door with a white finger, How beautiful children become drab vagabonds, How the coin of life comes willy-nilly, How Jesus was not ashamed of miracles.
Nightscape, in contrast, is a dreamy blizzard of white spatters on a gray background, magically conjuring the glittering outlines of several New York skyscrapers.