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Synonyms for spattered

covered with bright patches (often used in combination)

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The hallway where Jason appears to have tried to make his escape is also spattered with blood.
A WIFE whose husband was battered to death in an attack which left blood spattered up their living room walls has been convicted of his murder.
Epistaxis, which is the most common emergency seen in ENT practice, poses a great risk of contaminated blood being spattered on the face of the attending medical provider.
The Ostraca Series also incorporates another element, an unmissable visual device that figures in a big and literally splashy way throughout all the bodies of work shown here: the busts are all messily spattered and streaked with layers of slip - white, yellow, red - that seem to have little to do with the pieces themselves.
SHOCKED workers were met with the grisly sight of blood spattered across their reception area after a late-night incident.
Ward was surrounded by a pool of blood, and blood was spattered in a line all the way to the road.
2 : to scatter by splashing <A passing car spattered mud on my clothes.
The Royal Free Hospital in north London was criticised in a letter from patient Gerald Gaffin, who said he was shocked to see blood spattered on floors and walls in A&E.
Bokaer, a member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, wore belted overalls spattered with white footprints.
This glare queen of the forest perches atop a "Minimal" wood-grain pedestal (its purer, synthetic kin); in front sits a rock, spattered with paint reminiscent less of a Pollock than of a vintage Eddie Van Halen guitar.
When the fabric parts of your All Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE) get spattered with mud and grime, it's time for cleaning.