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common water lily of eastern and central North America, having broad leaves and globe-shaped yellow flowers

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We have observed that these aquatic sites often have scattered bald cypress, thickets of buttonbush, and mats of spatterdock (Fig.
Caption: Coastal Plain Conservation Group staff, Andy Wood and Carson Wood, searching for magnificent ramshorn snails in their wild habitat, freshwater cypress-gum swamps with plentiful water lilies and spatterdock.
One nesting location (observed in September 2008) was under a large patch of spatterdock (Nuphar luteum) and water quality of these nests were: temperature, 24.
We also saw spatterdock or yellow water-lily (Nuphar advena), which has large, shiny, heart-shaped, floating leaves.
Louis, Missouri) herbicide is our product of choice to control problem bank weeds, such as cattails, torpedograss, spatterdock, and alligatorweed.
He particularly favors spatterdock, because of its root system, which offers spawning habitat.