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Synonyms for spatter

Synonyms for spatter

Synonyms for spatter

the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

the act of splashing a (liquid) substance on a surface

rain gently

spot, splash, or soil


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Distribution of patients in the two groups Mouth mask group Control group Variable (n = 30) (n = 30) Age, yr 17 to 80 19 to 79 Sex, M/F 16/14 18/12 Treatment, n Cautery 21 23 Anterior nasal packing 8 6 Anterior/posterior packing 1 1 Blood spatters on physician's 4(13.
The new Spatter Guard SRT will be stocked in black, red, green, blue and white.
After application the product creates a ceramic coating on the surface that repels the spatter immediately.
Prosecutors contend that blood spatter on Spector's jacket got there when he shot Clarkson.
Constructed from low carbon steel with an orange epoxy coating to resist weld spatter and ensure long life is the line of Carver clamps.
In this combination reference and text, the authors introduce students to the objectives of bloodstain analysis and the classification of bloodstains from low-to high velocity, the medical and anatomical aspects of bloodshed (from medical conditions or trauma), the biological and physical properties of human blood and stain formation, passive stains, formation of spatter from a primary and secondary mechanism, impact spatter and that associated with a projection mechanism, altered patterns, directional analysis, documentation, evaluations at the scene, testing methods, and communicatiin of results.
Spatter paint and collage illustrations reinforce the folk qualities of this lyrical text.
Blood spatter analysis requires the same expert interpretation as fingerprints.
Suited for air and water supplies on robotic welding equipment, the push-to-connect system of MicroWeld fittings and Parflex MicroWeld tubing offers silicon-free components with a UL94 V-O rating for flame resistance and designed prevent spatter build-up.
Stevens Industrial Services Ltd (SIS), the specialist in weld spatter control products, has produced a White Paper to promote safer and more productive welding.
Weld spatter is particularly problematic when it accumulates around the face of a sensor.
and her brother still gets a bit of meat, a spatter of juice.
Use leaves or ferns for ink pad prints, smoke prints, crayon prints, spatter prints, or carbon paper prints.
Run a toothpick over the bristles so that they spatter color onto the egg.