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Synonyms for spatter

Synonyms for spatter

Synonyms for spatter

the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

the act of splashing a (liquid) substance on a surface

rain gently

spot, splash, or soil


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For the protection of welding equipment, White Spatter Shield, also part of The Works range, proves extremely effective and extends the life of welding nozzles and shrouds by five times.
Ms Bain added: "You found there was impact spatter on the linoleum?" Mrs Weston replied: "Yes."
The high operating frequency of inverter power sources reduces spatter levels and ultimately reduces the price of making a product.
The post Blood spatter found on murder suspect's clothes, court hears appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In Blood Will Tell, Pam told the harrowing story of Joe Bryan, a small-town Texas school principal who's been imprisoned for decades for the murder of his schoolteacher wife - based on blood spatter analysis that remains in question as a forensic science.
NSK discovered that weld spatter and fumes were adversely impacting the operating life of the guide elements.
"The conclusion reached of the report alleges that the 'most probable' cause of the fire is embers and spatter produced by the welding process.
Under the guidance of Jo Mallard, an ex-CSI, they took full advantage of this rare opportunity to boost the authenticity of their books, firing a barrage of questions as they collected evidence including fingerprints, hair and fibres, blood spatter, and footwear marks.
It can produce false positives when reacting with many common household items, can dilute blood samples to a level at which DNA cannot be recovered, and can smear blood spatter patterns that are often critical in determining how a victim was attacked.
One possible drawback of our study is that we used a visual method of assessing the blood spatter on the protective eye shield.
The effects are as brutal as the original - globules of blood spatter the camera as bodies are hacked apart - and while it lacks the verve and originality of 300, it is luridly entertaining.
An eco-friendly formulation, Spatter-Cote Armor-Xtra Spatter Protection is a proprietary mixture of corrosion inhibitors and non-stick polymers that are applied to equipment surfaces exposed to concrete spatter.
The remains of a blood spatter on the pavement outside Amplifon in Middlesbrough which was damaged when a man allegedly |kicked a window in, damaging the reception area of the shop, inset IAN MCINTYRE