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Synonyms for spatter

Synonyms for spatter

Synonyms for spatter

the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

the act of splashing a (liquid) substance on a surface

rain gently

spot, splash, or soil


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INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY The independent consultancy Refaconsult confirms the advantages Aerodag Ceramishield provides: Since the production process no longer has to be interrupted to clean welding equipment, time-consuming removal of spatter using expensive and environmentally hazardous chemicals is no longer necessary.
In the future, resident blood spatter analysts may become as common as fingerprint experts in law enforcement agencies; however, the lack of these specialists in no way should preclude obtaining vital blood spatter evidence at crime scenes.
Samantha Warner, a forensic scientist, told Newcastle Crown Court that the pattern of blood spatter gave clues about what had happened when she was attacked.
This coating was designed specifically to reduce spatter build-up on welding torches, thereby also reducing production costs and saving time.
Mrs Weston told the jury that blood spatter stains from Mrs Jamil were found on the linoleum underneath the glove.
However, the method of testing this is both time-consuming and prone to error: a spatter of blood does not travel in a straight line as the strings suggest, but follows a ballistic curve that depends on its velocity.
Unfortunately, due to its proximity to the weld puddle, the nozzle is a common source of spatter accumulation that can obstruct that shielding gas flow.
A replaceable spatter shield protects optical and electronic components from damage.
It can be used to weld a variety of material thicknesses with equal success and offers potential increased deposition rates and travel speeds to produce aesthetic bead appearances and little spatter compared to solid- and flux-cored wires.
Hand tightened Centerfire nozzles come with built-in spatter shields to protect the gas diffusers and produce smoother, less turbulent gas flow.
Designed for use in pneumatic and water circuits, WeldFit metal fittings provide system protection from weld spatter and are nickel plated, with silicon-free O-rings.
Black walls are patterned with a brown spatter of knots.
Diamondite LLC, a trusted name in innovative automotive products, has formulated a breakthrough product that shields flying insect spatter away from a vehicle's leading surfaces.
His refusal to call elections came as tens of thousands of red-shirted protesters vowed to spatter the seat of government with their own blood if their demands weren't met.