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existing in both space and time

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These mappings occur only together in a spatiotemporally symmetric metaprocess called conspansion, where they define primary (potentiative) and secondary (actualizative) stages of causation respectively associated with wavefunction propagation and collapse.
Similar to Fernandes' focus on spatiotemporally interconnected occupations, Routledge argues that in a terrain of resistance,
The ANGPTL4 mRNA expresses spatiotemporally and differentially in adipose tissues of both breeds.
This tissue destruction often progresses spatiotemporally from the articular surface to the subchondral bone and leads to the loss of zonal tissue architecture [4, 5].
Kambara, "Spatiotemporal burst coding for extracting features of spatiotemporally varying stimuli," Biological Cybernetics, vol.
Patients with confirmed cases of MERS were spatiotemporally mapped within the hospital.
In summary, this work reveals that spatiotemporally limited eruptions, typical of ultrapotassic magmas, are strongly conditioned by the country rock lithology and structure.
He remains stalled, spatiotemporally always "here," at the place where his absent bookmark should be.
Such differential use of spatiotemporally variable invertebrate food resources highlights species-specific foraging patterns as well as habitat selection decisions, both of which may be used to guide conservation and management of both natural and managed wetlands.
Earth is an integrated system of interconnected elements in which local events may have spatiotemporally distant causal premises and implications.
Furthermore, given that they are nonexistents, these objects are also not spatiotemporally located and, thus, are causally isolated from any existent object and, hence, from any author or composer.
The faculty of cognition would thus refer to the functions and operations of the noumenal self that synthesize the formless manifold into the spatiotemporally ordered appearance.
Replacing Tarde's outdated scientific laws (3) of imitation with a Lefebvrian focus on how imitations can be architecturally and rhythmically conditioned, Borch suggests a power analytical application of Tarde's theory suited for inquiry into the ways processes of suggestion-imitation (and thereby subject positions) can be spatiotemporally shaped (Borch, 2005, p.
In 22 chapters, engineering, regenerative medicine, and other specialists mainly from the US review micro and nanoscale technological advancements for tissue and organ regeneration, emphasizing biomimetic spatiotemporally controlled scaffold fabrication and directed stem-cell behavior and fate by micro and nanoscale cues.
Scientists note that "the reader can see as well as tactilely feel the spatial extension and physical dimensions of the text, as the material substrate of the paper provides physical, tactile, spatiotemporally fixed cues to the length of the text.
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