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existing in both space and time

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We developed a method to identify spatiotemporal clusters of increased diagnoses.
[24] did not report any significant changes in spatiotemporal parameters of gait after the four-week intervention phase.
* We introduce a novel atomic pedestrian group representation method to capture the underlying spatiotemporal structure of crowd scenes.
In particular spatiotemporal inconsistency of informational flows in the system has led to further search of new approaches to teaching environment organization, as well as to knowledge engineering.
Lou et al., the spatiotemporal variables of soil moisture from the passive microwave product, ERA-Interim reanalysis, the National Center for Environmental Prediction/ Department of Energy's reanalysis, and the Variable Infiltration Capacity model products are evaluated against in situ observations in the Yellow River Basin, China.
These master frames are further utilized to model spatiotemporal features of a particular video.
Spatiotemporal coverage is the maximum distance and time lag, beyond which the measurements are no longer representative.
Finally, with spatiotemporal characteristics of traffic flow, accident rate characteristics of two types of models are simulated and the effect of the warning threshold for abandoned objects on the accident rate based on Internet-of-Vehicles is also analyzed.
For the spatiotemporal trajectory dataset, it is important to know how to use the differential privacy method to process the data, so that the published data can protect the relationship between the user and the trajectory while protecting the sensitive location of the user on the trajectory.
There are, however, some characteristic differences between an ageing gait and a Parkinsonian gait, which may only be observed through clinical gait analysis and analysis of spatiotemporal, kinematic and kinetic data.
Dengue View is a suite of tools designed to facilitate exploration of streaming spatiotemporal datasets that is collected in real time from emergency departments (EDs) of partnering hospitals through toolset developed in this project.
In the proposed system to represent the spatiotemporal features of human actions, we define MEI and it is computed by using frame differences.
Nowadays, along with the rapid advances in Internet of Things (IOT) devices [1], especially with the popularity of social network services (SNSs) [2], the volume of human spatiotemporal data increases tremendously.
The spatiotemporal salient point can be regarded as an instance of the spatiotemporal interest point since both of them are informative and contain significant variations.
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