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existing in both space and time

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There were nine studies that evaluated the spatiotemporal parameters of PD gait during the 'off' phase (see Table 1).
Four such templates are constructed for each video in the database which represents the spatiotemporal profile.
After obtaining a depth silhouette, a corresponding skeleton-body model that provides 15 joint positions is obtained through the OpenNI library [41]; therefore, from each depth silhouette, 15 body joints are obtained for the calculation of the spatiotemporal features.
The method of spatiotemporal interest points has been applied in human action recognition successfully, but it often contains many interest points which are not relevant to human actions and affect the final recognition accuracy seriously, such as the interest points lying in the complex background.
It uses activity-based data sets, as recorded by smart meters and processed by advanced machine learning techniques, to segment utility customers into homogeneous groups as a result of their spatiotemporal activities; characterize each unique group in terms of energy usage patterns; and match segmented groups to appropriate utility services using three major service headings--energy efficiency, demand response and distributed renewable generation.
We investigated the potential impact of the number, density, and locations of monitors within each area on spatiotemporal prediction model estimates by assessing city-specific spatial distributions of monitors and comparing estimated temporal patterns between networks.
An official at the Fund on said Dengue-View will be a suite of tools designed to facilitate the exploration of streaming spatiotemporal data sets that will be collected in real time from Emergency Departments (EDs) of partnering hospitals through the toolset developed in this project.
Also, spatiotemporal changes in preictal spike activity in human temporal lobe epilepsy [2] revealed that the degree of bilateral interdependence in medial temporal lobe spike activity increased prior to onset of a seizure, thus indicating that spikes may herald the interictal to ictal transition.
Modern IMS (in particular, multi-robot production/manufacturing systems, BAS [4], and so on) rely heavily upon accurate information about physical environment, spatiotemporal and other phenomena and objects in it.
Based on the contact between Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf, and on the modern fiction proposal suggested by the latter, this article is divided into two parts, to defend the hypothesis that the process of psychological introspection of the central character of the short story Bliss (1920), by Mansfield, undergoes a spatiotemporal displacement that interconnects the concern about aesthetic renewals with the concern about contextualizing the customs of London society.
In this article, we propose a general class of models called AdaSTEM (for adaptive spatiotemporal exploratory models) that are designed to meet these challenges by adapting to multiple scales while exploiting variation in data density common with crowdsourced data.
However, Squadrone and Gallozzi (2009) found no differences in contact time between barefoot and shod running; and speculated that the degree of protection from the VFF minimalist shoes allowed athletes to push-off more vigorously, resulting in spatiotemporal variables being more aligned with shod running.
They found that machine vision was able to automatically distinguish deceptive facial signals from genuine facial signals by extracting information from spatiotemporal facial-expression signals that humans either cannot or do not extract.
The new method uses nontoxic D-amino acidbased fluorescent dyes to label sites where peptidoglycan is synthesized, allowing for fine spatiotemporal tracking of cell wall dynamics.
Geographers and other earth and environmental scientists, as well as scientists and engineers engaged with the technology, offer an overview of current methods and modeling techniques for deriving spatiotemporal estimates of energy fluxes and soil surface moisture from remote sensing.
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