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existing in both space and time

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A retrospective space-time scan statistic (8) was used to identify statistically significant highrisk spatiotemporal clusters (online Technical Appendix).
Habitat suitability index modeling results in combination with GIS provide an effective means of evaluating spatiotemporal variability in habitat conditions of a target species and produce habitat maps that can be used by managers and policymakers to make informed decisions (Terrell 1984, Bovee & Zuboy 1988).
The relationship between spikes and seizures depends on the applied spatiotemporal meta-analysis and could partially explain the inconclusive and at times conflicting results in the literature about epileptic seizures and spikes.
For each session, spatiotemporal measures of gait have been calculated.
The three articles included in this section propose novel approaches for representing and analyzing complex spatiotemporal geographic phenomena.
The methane was released at metered, controlled rates and observed downwind by a 45-foot tower at each release site to examine the spatiotemporal variability of methane and local winds.
In order to discover multi-dimensional spatiotemporal association patterns, and improve the efficiency of traditional mining algorithms for spatiotemporal association patterns, this paper firstly constructs a star association model based on event, which can show more spatiotemporal information on the basis of the present star association model.
The WR-2100 has ultra high-definition spatiotemporal resolution capability (Note 4), capable of grasping omni-directional precipitation intensity in a 50-meter mesh at 6-second intervals.
Indeed, posttranslational modifications of proteins represent the scope and velocity of these inputs and fulfil the requirements of integration of external spatiotemporal signal transduction inside an organism.
Bur this does not exclude all ontological readings; one can accept that there is only one reality, but still maintain that entities have two kinds of properties: knowable spatiotemporal and unknowable, non-spatiotemporal ones.
In 'Causal Powers and Categorical Properties', Brian Ellis argues that categorical properties must be included in our fundamental ontology, so dispositional monism is false, focussing on spatiotemporal locations to make his case.
With the FastScan Bio, productive spatiotemporal nanometer scale research is a reality for every bio researcher.
The work done by the MIT team paves the way to find new containment strategies, as the newly developed measure of influential spreading allows for a better comprehension of the spatiotemporal patterns characterizing the initial stages of a disease outbreak.
After verifying two spatial primes that laid on the same (horizontal or vertical) axis, participants read a statement regarding the order of months with a spatiotemporal word (before or after) or a pure temporal word (earlier or later) and then judged the validity of this temporal target.
In fetuses, we use retrospective gating provided by a technology known as spatiotemporal image correlation (STIC).
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