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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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To find geographic insights through the patterns and relationships in their data, Spatially data scientists analyze terabytes of data in CrateDB using SQL, GO, Python, R, Spark/EMR and others.
Spatially develops location search and analytics tools that help businesses, real estate professionals and other location scouters to better understand Business Areas and residential neighborhoods.
General Information Document Type: Grants Notice Funding Opportunity Number: RFA-CK-16-002 Funding Opportunity Title: Spatially Scalable Integrated Tick Vector/Rodent Reservoir Management to Reduce Human Risk of Exposure to Ixodes scapularis.
This model was based on a compartment approach for some of the involved components while the spatially distributed modeling was retained where diffusion was expected to be an important factor.
Many efforts at the national and state levels are being made to make government-generated spatially referenced data available to the public.
Dr Derrick Green, CTO of Green Imaging Technologies, spoke on "Applications of a New Technique to Acquire Spatially Resolved NMR Petrophysical Data".
Final testing will involve delivery of Lassa and Hantaan virus vaccines simultaneously at spatially distinct sites.
Magnetic resonance microscopy; spatially resolved NMR techniques and applications.
While there was much discussion devoted to racism, bear in mind that the dominant white mainstream is so distanced and removed, spatially and ideologically, that they refuse to see themselves as part of New Orleans' past problems and potential solutions.
The smooth handling of the twisters foils relatively subdued backdrops of comic-book characters and occasional passages of abstract pattern--the funny face in Funny Face, 2004, is superimposed on Richteresque horizontal swaths, while other paintings feature snippets of a soft-porn parody of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves--and many possess spatially allusive titles (Float, 2005, Isthmus, 2005, The Inside, 2005).
Experiments are underway and are being proposed that utilize permanent magnets, superconducting magnets, and a combination of the two to create magnetic field geometries that can be used to spatially confine UCNs.
Environmental exposures may adversely affect those who are vulnerable temporally (age, developmental stage), spatially (geographic location), or by unique circumstance (comorbid disease, nutritional status, socioeconomic status, genetics).
The unique situation of being completely underground required the design to establish a presence in the open plaza, as well as spatially distinguish itself from the surrounding Carman Hall basements.
So, from Aveda where an interior was ordered by massive folded concrete furniture, here a collection of rooms is structurally and spatially reinforced by a single folded concrete form.
Esteemed Canadian-American composer Henry Brant is most closely associated with spatial music or music for spatially separated groups, a genre he pioneered.
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