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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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By privileging bodily experience as an absolute point of spatializing (and spatial constitution of meaing), Merleau-Ponty eliminates in Phenomenology of Perception the need of distinguishing between spatiality of readiness-to-hand and spatiality of being-in-the-world.
Prufrock's assertion that "in a minute there is time" is an act of stretching the minute, spatializing it to the length he needs to experience the past and present simultaneously.
Spatializing the experience of segregation, and so taking up the abolitionist aesthetic that fused civic and physical space, artists opened access to an activist past that might be made "useful to the present and to the future," as Douglass said in 1852 ("What" 366).
He closes by delineating the spatializing of contemporary and future modernities.
In each case, methodological contradiction draws attention to the insufficiency of a spatializing tendency of reason when faced with a qualitative multiplicity, whether it be Unamuno's faith or Bergson's temporality.
Spatializing the Missionary Encounter: The Interaction Between Missionary Work and Space in Colonial Settings will focus on missionary work of all denominations in colonial settings (1800-1960).
Taken in its broadest sense, the artifice that Charles Le Brun engineers "consists in spatializing a debate, by marrying a promenade through Versailles to literary controversy" (334).
Spatializing homosexual rights: suburbia and the inconspicuous middle class
The recent traveling Dada exhibition of 2005-2006 strove to outmaneuver this aestheticizing tendency by highlighting the movement's geographical trajectory, spatializing its development in Berlin, Hannover, Cologne, Zurich, Paris, and New York.
These contributions show how the work of gendering moves between urban and rural communities, spatializing the dialogue between urban nationalist modernity and the rural past.
By the art of memory, he means the whole classical-medieval-renaissance system for "pictorializing and spatializing knowledge in order to render it memorable" (41-2).
58) If Albertian perspective has been accused of fostering the illusion of the viewer as objective surveyor, positing the viewing subject as the spatial antithesis of the principal point, then anamorphosis, using exactly the same principles, completely resists this kind of spatializing metaphor.
Furthermore, Bremond criticizes Greimas's scheme for its inadaptability to the analysis of a variety of different types of narrative and for its spatializing of the narrative (89-90).
One strategy for spatializing is demonstrated in the VIKI system (see Marshall and Shipman in this issue), which allows users to arrange information in a spatial layout and detect spatial structures in this representation.
Martin Jay has shown that the modernist Jurgen Habermas's proposal to mediate the cognitive-instrumental (scientific), moral-practical, and aesthetic-expressive rationalities exemplifies the modernist drive to synthesize incongruities into spatial wholes (125-39), and Hug Grady has argued that the spatializing assumptions and techniques of the literary New Critics, especially the pioneers G.
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