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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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Problematic time persists in the fourth stanza (lines 37-48) as the journey restarts, but Prufrock now more assured of himself having rested for a while (in the room, his bed-and-breakfast, his motel) and regained confidence: "And indeed there will be time" and later in the stanza "In a minute there is time"; it is here that he once again challenges and spatializes time, linking it to a stair: "Time to turn back and descend the stair".
In other words, White implicitly spatializes the existential crisis confronting Factory Theatre during this time: the terms of its survival become imbricated with its ability first to renovate 125 Bathurst Street toward a financially solvent theater, and, second to defend this space against the rising tide of development transforming Toronto.
By using a "trope of moisture," Hoving argues, Nichols spatializes the body as a mutifaceted geographical site, "wet, fluid, and flowing" in contrast to the "dry and stable geography of the patriarchal world":
In his introduction, Scott spatializes development by comparing the "most romantic region of every country," which is "where the mountains unite themselves with the plains or lowlands" with the "most picturesque period of history," which is "when the ancient rough and wild manners of a barbarous age are just becoming innovated upon" (p.
The authors' use of this framework is far from uniform, which is often a source of pleasurable surprise to the reader, but at times the notion of place becomes too loosely or abstractly employed, which is clearly a danger inherent in a theoretical approach that ambiguously spatializes social and discursive practices.
In particular, the novel's work of stereotyping, of rendering others as an exotic or unknowable Other, spatializes the Other as a point fixed in space and rendered up in passivity for the representational (and then imperial) activities of a dominant power whose observation of the Other is a self-empowerment.