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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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Anti-immigrant rhetoric and legislation and the consequent creation of spatialized geographies for migrant containment work in tandem to benefit corporate capital in the manufacturing of a convenient scapegoat to shoulder the burden of responsibility for society's ills and in the maintenance of an infinitely exploitable, infinitely disposable migrant labor force.
Development of the North American Listening in Spatialized Noise-Sentences test (NA LiSN-S): Sentence equivalence, normative data, and test-retest reliability studies.
Doing so highlights the importance of a founding myth of 'terra incognita' to legitimize a spatialized socio-political configuration that is ethnically inclusive yet demonizes indigeneity as a risk to security and the principles of tolerance and hard work.
10) All verbal information becomes visual, with architectural interiors as the medium through which the memorized information becomes spatialized as a new language of object and relation.
More could also be done to explore and analyze the urban versus rural settings, and the ways in which the cityscape framed and differently spatialized conceptions of race and criminality.
The points of rest strung together by the elastic time of the sentence (which speed reading, spatialized logic, and genteel declaratives ignore) can pull one feeling right out of the insides of a different one and leave you throbbing.
of California, Los Angeles) examines spatialized power politics in the poetry and prose of Native women (from the Canadian to Mexican borders) that remap the "European planetary consciousness" that Leslie Marmon Silko writes about in Almanac of the Dead.
For example, in immersive telecommunication, spatialized audio and 3D parallax increases the effectiveness of communication; in medicine, 3D instrument tracking enables more precise and safer operations; and new low-cost 3D cameras are starting a new chapter in interactive gaming and human-computer interaction.
3) Neil Smith, 'Contours of a Spatialized Politics: Homeless Vehicles and Production of Geographic Scale', Social Text 33 (1992), 54-81, and Neil Smith, 'Scale-Bending and the Fate of the National' in Scale and Geographic Inquiry: Nature Society, and Method, ed.
Methods: Two types of user interfaces were compared in two experimental conditions: a JAWS screen reader equipped with an ALVA 544 Satellite braille display and a custom auditory interface based on spatialized speech.
Through its staging of the densely layered spaces of the early modern city, Bartholomew Fair works to create a distinctively spatialized forum of participatory inquiry and response--the vital seeds of London's burgeoning public sphere.
With the reassertion of space as an explanatory category in social sciences and cultural studies, the post-modern politics of identity has come to deploy a highly spatialized vocabulary for articulating an understanding of social relations from the late 1960s onwards.
The question of infinity and time is treated as a minor theme or spatialized as Einsteinian space/time, and the important qualitative distinctions between endless duration and eternity are not addressed.
And though Toronto was a more popular destination for immigrants than Philadelphia (and Canada as a whole let in relatively more immigrants than the United States), these new arrivals did not find themselves enmeshed in a spatialized racial conflict, as did black arrivals to Philadelphia, who were welcome in only a few neighbourhoods.
Students can even collect the data themselves, using handheld GPS units to compile data that will then be spatialized and connected to a map through ArcGIS.