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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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Going back to the 2002 state of the union address, we have observed the urge to spatialize, label, and create a 'sense of belonging' amongst different civilizations in the world, which leads to the question: how often does the media spatialize an ongoing conflict, more precisely by further polarizing and transforming the world into an are-you-with-us-or- against-us type of discourse?
In this context, this study aimed to determine and spatialize SQI and evaluate its use in the payment for environmental services in areas under agricultural use, forests, pastures and remnants of the Atlantic Forest in the Sub-Basin of Posses, Extrema-MG, Brazil.
Problematic time persists in the fourth stanza (lines 37-48) as the journey restarts, but Prufrock now more assured of himself having rested for a while (in the room, his bed-and-breakfast, his motel) and regained confidence: "And indeed there will be time" and later in the stanza "In a minute there is time"; it is here that he once again challenges and spatializes time, linking it to a stair: "Time to turn back and descend the stair".
In particular, the novel's work of stereotyping, of rendering others as an exotic or unknowable Other, spatializes the Other as a point fixed in space and rendered up in passivity for the representational (and then imperial) activities of a dominant power whose observation of the Other is a self-empowerment.
After performing the total count of the data (Figure 4), in order to spatialize the frequency of occurrence of low temperatures, the lowest counts of valid data were observed close to large ponds, possibly representing the mixture of landwater pixels and/or lower atmospheric transparency.
DAVID HARVEY IS, arguably, the geographer who has done the most to spatialize Marx over the past four decades, showing how the way in which economic landscapes are made under capitalism is not something which is contingent to the accumulation process but is, rather, central to it.
with no mediation; and there is 'intellect', the movement of thought which decomposes and recomposes, a mechanism whose first move is always to divide, to separate, to classify, to delineate, to displace, to categorize, to spatialize in order to accomplish a given goal.
17) Scott draws on the conventional moral topography of city and country as it appears, for example, in the story of Wilson in Fielding's Joseph Andrews, but does not spatialize morality any more than he spatializes development.
In Figure 41 have chosen to spatialize more than Bremond would no doubt authorize for the convenience of including the whole diagram on facing pages.
Nationspace is the capacity of Englishness to spatialize itself beyond the metropole's insular borders and of its subjects' desires to institute its ordering principles to serve the demands of a sea voyage, to model its rule of law, and to remedy the excesses of slavocratic tyranny in the outposts of empire.
Phase 2: Identify and characterize spatialize phytosanitary pressures across the watershed, specifying the origin of punctual and diffuse pollution ?
As Muller stated in a recent interview, one of the aims of the project is to spatialize "problems and questions as something that can be related to or talked about.
If the installation was the aesthetic form best suited to a spreading, cybercapitalist nowhere, it probably shared Empire's inability to spatialize otherness as anything but an avenging, antiproductive suicide from beyond or to invent intimacies besides the socially scripted, always already mediated encounters of the laptop screen.
It is hard to imagine that anyone would have consciously set out to spatialize this contemporary schism about what art is, what it can do, and what its aims might be.