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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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Bakker, Laurens 2009a 'The Sultan's map: Arguing one's land in Pasir', in: Franz and Keebet von Benda-Beckmann and Anne Griffiths (eds), Spatialising law: An anthropological geography of law in society, pp.
7) By way of contrast, the spatialising eye of the painter looked out upon an intelligible world, where the clear separation of subject from object allowed the operation of intelligence rather than mere sensation.
This sequence tracks the spatialising context given to a visual scene in which the suffering son speaks (privately) directly to the camera, but in order to reprove an audience whose policing function is always already part of the scene itself.
Spatialising culture (in this instance, distinguishing between individual and collective phenomenon and appreciating that culture is 'emergent') strengthens our understanding of the concept's limitations and strengthens Hopkins' argument for culture's susceptibility for 'blame the victim'.
Pain 2008 "Participation as a Form of Power: Retheorising Empowerment and Spatialising Participatory Action Research.
Spatialising politics; culture and geography in postcolonial Sri Lanka.
Spatialising Law, An Anthropological Geography of Law in Society.