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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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This paper examined how diversity is managed through racialised, spatialised and state-sanctioned policy measures and campaigns that facilitate norms through explicit and implicit rules of engagement.
63; see also Stowell, IJterary Impressionism, James, Chekov: 'Time is both an imperceptible stream and a cluster of diverse instants, spatialised and framed.
Importantly, Green brings to the reader's attention the spatialised component of the violence against indigenous peoples; a space where codes of morality are waived, and violent acts of murder and rape become acceptable.
Stephane Mallarme's 1896 designs for Un coup de des may be the paradigmatic diagrammatic work, and certainly a touchstone for any graphically scored piece whose myriad of themes is spatialised relationally in dramatic ways.
This paper advocated that a more sophisticated, spatialised understanding of culture is required.
Whether in colonial or postcolonial settings, philanthropy clearly has both differentiated and spatialised agendas.
Here, then, is the counterpart to the spatialised longing for what cannot be brought back to us from far away, and what perhaps we never had, or Jameson's nostalgic nostalgia: namely, the fear of what might yet or already be, and what might not keep its distance, if it was ever far away.
The complex factors that can be shown empirically to mediate student achievement include issues of content and construct validity and test preparation, the overreliance on single-shot assessment, and the dynamics of spatialised poverty and demographic change.
The antagonisms that are produced are likely to be highly spatialised, both in terms of national-level and intra-regional class conflicts, as unevenness is exploited and accentuated by the emergent accumulation model.
Both the patriarchal mindset of the system and the reality of suffering caused by exploitation are spatialised and become immanent and in this way the system of editing elicits a maximum psychological response.
The postmodern images of subjectivity used by social psychologists entail metaphors portraying it as "inscribed upon the surface of the body, as spatialised, decentred, multiple, nomadic, created in episodic recognition-seeking practices of self-display in particular times and places" (Nikolas Rose 1996, 169).
Whether or not he was an influence on them, Nietzsche's essay on history was a prescient anticipation of mythopoeic conceptions of history in several literary modernists, and especially as these were embodied in spatialised literary forms.
1992) Contours of a spatialised politics: Homeless vehicles and the production of geographical scale.
Although it might be argued that there has been no explicit national level exploration of how the principles of the ESDP, and polycentric development in particular, might apply to the whole UK, or English, territory (for example through the development of a national spatial framework or perspective), recent years have seen the emergence of more explicitly spatialised public policy interventions designed to help deliver the Government's agenda of creating sustainable communities.
Knowing that a geographical theory of capital circulation and capitalist production would be vital to understanding Second Empire Paris and its specific geographic configurations, Harvey set out to integrate a spatialised Marxism with a closely observed historical geography of Parisian urban transformation.