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Table la shows the performance on words from the spatial relations corpus.
Mental representations of perspective and spatial relations from diagrams and models.
--For each object pair in the image, create a spatial string that represents the two objects and their spatial relation. Then, generate a signature representing that spatial string.
In Ardesen-Laz, information on spatial relations is mainly coded in the verbal complex, whereby the coding is divided among two subparts of the verbal complex, the preverb and the verb root.
They encode the spatial relation between objects in a categorical, visually degraded and abstract way.
As a space metaphor we propose to model the topology of the hyperspace with qualitative spatial relations based on the primitive concept of connection between spatial regions.
"Regardless of what language you learn, these concepts, these spatial relations, are available to all of us.
Similarly, Leder and Bruce (1998b, 2000) propose that face recognition is better explained by appeal to spatial relation between single features (e.g.
Related to works cited before, the author developed and extended a mobility mechanism named Stability of Spatial Relation MPR (SSRMPR) to use it in the basic selection of MPRs in OLSR.
Central to Massey's theoretical concept of place is the understanding of place as relational: that places are constructed and communicated in relation to other places and spaces and, further, that places can be understood as articulations of spatial relations. The spatial relations contain multiple identities and these reflect different power relations through, for example, access and representation (Massey, 1994).
In those works, the approach is inspired by the box spatial relation theory [4], such that graphical objects are syntactically described and manipulated through their bounding boxes whatever the shape of the object is.
The temples, palaces, walled gardens, and stranger interiors represented in these dream poems are most often constructed through the literary device of the catalogue, in which the contents of a given room are listed at length but rarely placed in precise spatial relation to one another.
are all realization of a very basic spatial relation. There are also morphologically simple variants of these prepositions, pod:Instr 'under', nad:Instr 'below', however, they were not found in our data.
In this paper I refer to viewing an external stimulus as perception and thinking with images, their spatial relation and transformation, as visualisation.
Boris never looked at her, but was somehow constantly aware of her position or movement, which he felt like a spatial relation he could not overcome.
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