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For each object pair in the image, create a spatial string that represents the two objects and their spatial relation.
In section 4, I will then discuss the system of spatial preverbs in more detail, with a focus on the semantics of spatial preverbs which are used in expressions referring to topological spatial relations between figure and ground.
Instead, we argue that when TID signers do use simultaneous constructions (as in Example (12) below), it is to indicate a specific, nondefault, spatial relation between Figure and Ground.
A set of spatial relations are used based on the theory of space and time developed in a series of papers.
In this study, the students' experiences and statements of their own participation in society are understood as different views of spatial relations.
The narrator renders the interior space within the temple by means of an extensive if apparently aperspectival inventory of objects and images, but there may be more to this kind of medieval catalogue than meets the eye, as it were: this cluttered but vague inventory, which is so difficult for the reader to visualize in terms of its real spatial relations, also reflects the confusion of the narrator's perceiving mind as it attempts to organize the contents of the room into a form communicable in narrative and able to be preserved in memory.
U:Loc-izvan:Gen 'in-outside' is also an example of varying interlexical relations based on very similar spatial relations, however, many examples include activity nouns as trajectors, e.
Hoffler's (2010) meta-analysis identifies two commonly explored factors: spatial visualisation and spatial relation, describing the mental rotation and object relation ability of individuals accordingly.
Negative examples were created by treating positive examples of one spatial relation as negative examples of another, with some exceptions such as "to" and "toward.
Nothing replaces seeing an altarpiece in its original home, but this recognition of where the image has come from, and of the disparity between the modern and contemporary viewing contexts, helps us to imagine ourselves into the sort of spatial relation with an image that is a key part of understanding its theological significance.
After the subsequent introduction of the figure, the spatial relation between the two is expressed by a simultaneous classifier predicate construction.
As a dancer, I crave live presence, the immediate experience of human proportion and spatial relation.
For the vertical groups, the heights of the objects were small relative to the heights of the objects as seen from a horizontal perspective, resulting in map-like views in which the spatial relation between objects remained relatively constant across viewpoints.
eyes, nose, mouth) from second-order features, characterized by the spatial relation between them, their position on the face and the shape of the face.
Spatial relation is the subject of researches on "systems of qualitative representation of space" which mainly try to define spatial relations for qualitatively distinguish orientation and description of entities of space.
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