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In this study, the students' experiences and statements of their own participation in society are understood as different views of spatial relations.
The narrator renders the interior space within the temple by means of an extensive if apparently aperspectival inventory of objects and images, but there may be more to this kind of medieval catalogue than meets the eye, as it were: this cluttered but vague inventory, which is so difficult for the reader to visualize in terms of its real spatial relations, also reflects the confusion of the narrator's perceiving mind as it attempts to organize the contents of the room into a form communicable in narrative and able to be preserved in memory.
The spatial relations are shown schematically for spatial antonymy pairs are presented in Figure 2 below.
A range of visualisation abilities are posited which are considered to reinforce one another and work together, such as spatial relation and object rotation.
The system is able to learn good models from both the spatial relation and mobile manipulation data sets.
This seems to be more likely for default spatial relations between figure and ground than for unexpected relations.
Mental representations of perspective and spatial relations from diagrams and models.
For each object pair in the image, create a spatial string that represents the two objects and their spatial relation.
The stimuli show two or more entities in spatial relation to one another which geometrically speaking are configurations of inclusion, surface contact and circumvention and which functionally are containment and support relations.
It has been reported that instead of classifier predicates that allow for analogical representations, some signed languages can use "relational lexemes" (Arik and Wilbur 2008) (also called "prepositions" in Emmorey [2002] or simply "relationals" in Arik [2009]) to indicate the spatial relation of entities with respect to each other.
draw an inclined virtual line that crosses the center of the diagram and reaches the area of the corresponding spatial relation ellipsis (Dr, PO, PP, [PP.
eyes, nose, mouth) from second-order features, characterized by the spatial relation between them, their position on the face and the shape of the face.
Spatial relation is the subject of researches on "systems of qualitative representation of space" which mainly try to define spatial relations for qualitatively distinguish orientation and description of entities of space.
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