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pertaining to or involving or having the nature of space



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Spatial Analysis of Suicide Mortality in Quebec: Spatial Clustering and Area Factor Correlates.
Localized spatial clustering of HIV infections in a widely disseminated rural South African epidemic.
2,15) The objective of this study was therefore to assess the effect of integration of leprosy treatment into the public health system in an endemic area by assessing trends of spatial clustering in conjunction with key leprosy indicators for 5 years prior and 6 years after integration.
The phenomenon of spatial clustering is suggested, with several CDs noted to have gastroschisis rates in the 4 to 7 per 10,000 live birth range.
Density biased sampling, DBSCAN (Density Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise), OPTICS (Ordering Points to Identify Clustering Structure), DENCLUE (DENsity CLUstEring), and so forth are example of this method.
In addition, statistics to determine spatial distribution were calculated using ROOKS CASE (Sawada 1999), as an add-in to Excel to calculate Moran's I as a determinant of spatial clustering.
Their interesting analysis demonstrates considerable disparities in income, home ownership and other dimensions of wellbeing nationally and strong spatial clustering of overall advantage or disadvantage in particular locations -in both urban and regional locations.
When data shows spatial clustering, there are in fact certain spatial processes behind such clustering, which cause such autocorrelation [19].
The LISA for each observation gives an indication of the extent of significant spatial clustering of similar values around that observation.
To identify community-level HCA spatial clustering, we used the Poisson model in SaTScan (7) with a maximum cluster size of 25% of the population at risk.
The spatial clustering of related females is well known for social mammals, but recent research has revealed that an association between spatial proximity and relatedness also may occur in solitary species because of female philopatry (Ratnayeke et al.
Atwell and her team evaluated the spatial clustering of nonmedical exemptions for kindergartners in the state between the 2005-2006 and 2009-2010 school years and compared it with the space-time clustering of pertussis cases reported in the state in 2010.
In (Borach and Bhattacharya, 2008), the author proposed a method known as DDSC method (A Density Differentiated Spatial Clustering Technique), which is again an extension the DBSCAN algorithm.
However, prevalence of non-communicable diseases shows spatial clustering, and the spread of obesity has shown "high susceptibility to social pressure and global economic drivers.
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