spatial arrangement

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the property possessed by an array of things that have space between them

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It is possible there no radiation retention in the center of the row spacing for any spatial arrangement analyzed.
Cell production became one of the most important studies of production spatial arrangement in the last days.
It's a curious spatial arrangement in the context of their work.
By deploying at the Kitchen a spatial arrangement that imbued the gallery with a sacred aura, McMillian even more powerfully dredged up the violence that has underpinned American history and offered an ironic counterpoint to the rhetoric of hope embodied by Johnson's speech (and those of today's politicians).
The title is divided into sections discussing light and spatial arrangement, water control, temperature control, extreme conditions, defense, and homologies; though it is short in text, it is long in full-color illustrations, and would prove interesting to even casual aficionados of modern architecture.
Her only typographic experiment, "Toast to Art and June," is less impressive: The spatial arrangement of the sixteen words of this poem promises much but delivers very little.
STEM collects information revealing the basic structure and spatial arrangement of the atoms, which are stacked up in columns.
In particular, It defines the urban planning concept resulting from the assignment of the experimental areas, As well as the spatial arrangement of the functional areas with each other and the technical supply concept.
It defines the spatial arrangement of activities and is therefore, after the brief, the most important agent for interaction with client and users.
Dom-Hotel Zimmer 101, K6ln, '994, the "Retrospection Under Duress" series, 1996-97, and the various Push Comes to Love exhibitions, 1999, Prima deepened his exploration of intertextual relations while persistently taking up new interests and subjects and intensifying the tension between historical charge and spatial arrangement.
These represent the precise spatial arrangement of three pivotal amino acids in chymotrypsin's molecular structure that give the natural protein its catalytic powers.
Conference participants also discussed the tax and customs reforms, the promotion of business in the state programs, the spatial arrangement - 4-year infrastructure plan for agriculture in current projects, Georgian agricultural export issues, energy, the current reforms - Renewable Energy A electricity exports, the country's energy security and part of the energy transit.
The cations' geometric shapes and the spatial arrangement of positive charges determine the details of the crystals' molecular structures by directing the surrounding anions to arrange only into certain "motifs.
The participants of the conference will also discuss ongoing reforms in the tax customs area, state programs for business promotion, spatial arrangement of the country - 4-year infrastructural plan, on agriculture projects, export of Georgian agricultural products, Ongoing reforms in the field of energy - renewable energy and energy exports, energy security in the country and Georgia's transition to energy resources.
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