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any of various plants of the genus Spathiphyllum having a white or green spathe and a spike of fragrant flowers and often cultivated as an ornamental

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For the planted containers we selected hammered stainless steel cylinders and spheres with Spathiphyllum and white orchid plants for a simple yet striking effect.
Volatile compounds from flowers of Spathiphyllum cannaefolium.
The first is Spathiphyllum wallisii , the original ``peace lily''.
Emma Coupe, Homebase houseplant buyer, comments "Traditional favourites including Spathiphyllum (Peace Lilly), our mixed foliage plants in a bag and Poinsettia are still doing incredibly well, but it's the new exotic ranges that are really impressing customers.
The plants which also go by their Sunday name Spathiphyllum are easily identifiable by their dark green, elongated oval leaves.
Get rid of the high water Spathiphyllum and go with a Warneckei instead.
Staff from Kirklees Nurseries planted a host of plants in the conservatory including aloe, asparagus, coffee, orchids, spathiphyllum, bougainvillea and jasmine.
I laughed out loud when I read how Sunset researcher Elizabeth Jardina would let her Spathiphyllum completely wilt and then revive it with Diet Coke and ice (July, page 55).
In Spathiphyllum plantlets a direct relationship between the
A: The peace lily, Spathiphyllum wallisii , thrives in good light, but not direct sunlight in summer, in a room that is fairly warm day and night, with no draughts.
Other favourites which Julie used to such great effect and could be perfect for your own Caribbean-style paradise are gingers, bromeliads, passion flowers, palms, anthuriums and spathiphyllum.
Leonard's favorites are spathiphyllum, noted for its white calla lily-like flowers and dracaena, a sword-leafed evergreen house or patio plant that needs minimal water.
Spathiphyllum doesn't care about low light, and I'm pretty sure I've never fertilized mine.
A: The peace lily, spathiphyllum, is not a lily but an evergreen perennial from tropical Asia and America.