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any of various plants of the genus Spathiphyllum having a white or green spathe and a spike of fragrant flowers and often cultivated as an ornamental

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nov., a gammaproteobacterium isolated from the roots of Spathiphyllum plants grown in a compost-amended potting mix," International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, vol.
Spathiphyllum prefers moist soil, and Schef-flera elegantissima needs consistent watering or it can lose leaves.
Big, thirsty, leafy plants have some of the best cooling properties such as the Spathiphyllum or Philodendrons.
Plants Causing Gastrointestinal Toxicity--The plants causing gastrointestinal toxicity include the hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids and the calcium oxalate injectors, which are popular household plants and include many popular cultivars of Caladium, Dieffenbachia, Philodendron, Schefflera, and Spathiphyllum (Table 1).
Similar characters were found in strawberry from protoplast culture (Nyman and Wallin, 1993), Mulberry (Chaicharon et al., 1995), Salvia miltiorrhiza (Gao et al., 1996), Arboretum (Rauf, 2006), Petunia (Guo-gui et al., 2009), Spathiphyllum wallisii (Vanstechelman et al., 2009), Spathiphyllum (Laere et al., 2010).
As one continues exploring this exciting new addition to Grosvenor House, you will see Planters' work all the way through, with stunningly preserved Spathiphyllum or peace lily and magnificent orchids in exquisitely designed planters.
Planters' work is reflected throughout Grosvenor House, with stunningly preserved Spathiphyllum or Peace Lillies and Orchids in exquisitely designed steel plant pots, according to the statement.
Other traditional favorites are spath or peace lillies (Spathiphyllum spp.) and snake plant, Sansevieria 'Laurentii" Not only are these suited to low light and indifferent care, but they also remove toxic vapors from the air through the tiny openings in their leaves.
Staff from Kirklees Nurseries have planted a host of plants in the conservatory including aloe, asparagus, coffee, orchids, spathiphyllum, bougainvillea and jasmine.
These include Philodendron, dumbcane (Dieffenbachia), Caladium, peace lily (Spathiphyllum) and golden pothos or devil's ivy (Epipremnum); two outdoor plants from the same family, calla lily (Zantedeschia) and Jack in the pulpit (Arisaema), are also commonly eaten, and any of them can be grown outside in milder climates.
After three weeks, she re-tops her pot plants including daisies, palm, vines, scindapsus and spathiphyllum with home-made compost.
Insan toksik etkilesimine sebep olan bitkilerin basinda Spathiphyllum, Euphorbia pulcherrima ve Ilex gelmektedir.