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any of various plants of the genus Spathiphyllum having a white or green spathe and a spike of fragrant flowers and often cultivated as an ornamental

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Table 1: Frequency of Plant Exposures by Plant Types (all ages) Ranking Botanical Name Common Name Frequency Percent 1 Spathiphyllum White peace lily, 2,972 5.
Influence of ploidy level on morphology, growth and drought susceptibility in Spathiphyllum wallisii.
For the planted containers we selected hammered stainless steel cylinders and spheres with Spathiphyllum and white orchid plants for a simple yet striking effect.
Planters' work is reflected throughout Grosvenor House, with stunningly preserved Spathiphyllum or Peace Lillies and Orchids in exquisitely designed steel plant pots, according to the statement.
Staff from Kirklees Nurseries have planted a host of plants in the conservatory including aloe, asparagus, coffee, orchids, spathiphyllum, bougainvillea and jasmine.
After three weeks, she re-tops her pot plants including daisies, palm, vines, scindapsus and spathiphyllum with home-made compost.
Insan toksik etkilesimine sebep olan bitkilerin basinda Spathiphyllum, Euphorbia pulcherrima ve Ilex gelmektedir.
Spathiphyllum Viscount (a hybrid from the Peace Lily family).
Peace lily, or spathiphyllum, remove trichloroethylene, and English ivy, chrysanthemum and gerbera daisy neutralize benzene.
3) Plants with large leaf mass and "harder" leaf surfaces (Ficus, Spathiphyllum and Dracaena, for example) reduce indoor noise levels by absorbing and reflecting sounds.
45-65 Peace lily Spathiphyllum 60-75 Periwinkle Catharanthus roseus 70-80 Persian violet Exacum affine 55-70 Pocketbook plant Calceolaria 50-54 Poinsettia Euphorbia pulcherrima 64-68 Pomegranate Punica granatum 45-75 Regal geranium Pelargonium 50-75 domesticum Rose mallow Hibiscus rosa- 54-59 sinensis Shrimp plant Drejerella 54-59 Slipper orchid Paphiopedilum 54-59 Tuberous rooted Begonia x 75-85 begonia tuberhynrida Wood sorrel, Oxalis rubra 54-57 shamrock Zonal geranium, Pelargonium x 75-85 garden geranium hybridum Cacti and Succulents Parodia 45-75 Aloe Aloe vera, Aloe 40-70 variegata Barrel cactus Echinocereus spp.
230, 231] Peltandra virginica Kunth [205, 206] Sauromatum guttatum Schott [26, 86, 229, 230] Spathiphyllum cannaefolium (Dryand.
THERE are more than 40 species of spathiphyllum in the damp, tropical forests of Indonesia and the Americas but only two have made their mark in Britain.
The most popular species is Spathiphyllum wallisii, but the larger Spathiphyllum `Mauna Loa', up to 90cm (3ft) tall, makes an impressive pot plant in a spacious setting.