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a conspicuous bract surrounding or subtending a spadix or other inflorescence

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Apalai' (IAC NK 130), which is vigorous and productive with rounded spathe, red and white spadix with yellow apex, widely cultivated and marketed in Sao Paulo with good acceptance.
suffusa, however the spathes are shortly pedunculate, the claws of outer tepals are narrowed, and the stamens and styles are longer.
This technique is used with certain type of date palms like "Al Khunaizi" and "Al Khasab" with long spathes.
This technique is used with certain type of date palms like "Al Khunaizi and "Al Khasab" with long spathes.
Aedes surveys were carried out in 30 houses (both indoor and peridomestic sites) from the peridomestic manmade breeding habitats like cement cisterns, cement tanks, metal containers, plastic drums, plastic containers, metal drums, grinding stones, mud pots, bottles, discarded containers, flowerpots, flower vases, tyres, water pumps, latex cups, polythene sheets, flowerpot trays and also the natural breeding sites like coconut shells, tree-holes, plant axils, coconut leaf-thatched sheets, fallen spathes or bracts (deciduous bracts that envelop or surround the fluorescence or flower) of a coconut palm systematically and reared individually (9-10) from these selected localities seasonally.
The six spathes on the selected Dhakki trees were pollinated at one hour interval from 8 am to 4 pm.
Flowering: Due to the difference in timing of spathes emergence, they were pollinated more than one time.
However, the larvae of the greater date moth particularly caused the frond malformation, "V" cut or cross cut in fronds, inflorescence axis and spathes, crown bending, and dwarfing followed by terminal shoot death in date palms.
Copping the top prize was Team Inspirers for their project Areka leaf tableware made out of fallen leaf spathes of coconut palm trees.
2006) consider that some species, particularly in Bambuseae and in Andropogoneae, develop spathes subtending parts of the inflorescence.
Although there was no explanation of what the design meant or represented, it was often reproduced in the paintings on sago palm spathes traditionally used in ceremonies to line the underside of the roof of the men's house (see Briggs 1928: 269).
Its swirling spathes are reminiscent of a white silken gown.
Consider the irony of portraying an inmate as a pure lily with giant white calla spathes around her head, her slicked-back hair highlighting the flower's center, her trim body undulating sensually to form the stem.
The fleshy tips of skunk cabbage spathes are poking through the mud and snow along a creek off Chautauqua Road.