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a conspicuous bract surrounding or subtending a spadix or other inflorescence

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Plants in the clade Araceae possess a characteristic inflorescence consisting of a vase-like, ensheathing modified leaf or spathe that surrounds a slender finger-like spadix.
Consumption of smokeless tobacco in the form of chewing and alcoholic beverage, "toddy" derived from the efflorescent spathe of the coconut palm is widely prevalent among the Nicobarese tribe.
2] category, which can be found in specialized literature as: Gunning-Fog, Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, SMOG, Fry, ARI, Spathe, Dale-Chall, Coleman-Liau Index (Ferris & Hedgcock, 2009).
Schmalfeldt B, Prechtel D, Naming K, Spathe K, Rutke S, Konik E, et al.
The inflorescence develops within a spathe or modified leaf.
The Oregon Poison Control Center in Portland lists the following plants as poisonous: amaryllis, azalea, sand begonia, bird of paradise, Calla lily, carnation, Christmas cherry, daffodil (including paperwhite narcissus), dieffenbachia, English holly and ivy, geranium, horse chestnut, hyacinth, hydrangea, iris, jack-in-the-pulpit, Jerusalem cherry, juniper, larkspur, laurel, lily-of-the-valley, mistletoe, oxalis, philodendron, rhododendron, spathe flower, string of pearls, tulip and yew tree.
The yellow flower, standing more than four feet tall, has attracted visitors all week long as it prepared to bloom, but not for its striking yellow central column - or spadix - or its crimson-and-green dishbowl-shaped petal - or spathe - but rather its stinking perfume.
In spring on islands in the Mediterranean, these plants send up blooms with a central, fingerlike projection in front of a rounded dish of tissue, or spathe, several inches wide.
Always bitterly exuberant, you see life as a pink spathe swathing a yellow spadix.
7 meters (9 feet) high, and the spathe (leaf-like organ) can open to 1.
The spathe should open up again today or into tomorrow as the plant goes through its male stage.
Delivery kits to the gas valve company Pietro Fiorentini SpAThe contract is for the supply of kits for gas fittings, ie .
Washington, Jumada II 3, 1435, Apr 3, 2014, SPAThe soldier suspected of killing three people and injuring 16 before turning a gun on himself at Fort Hood in Texas, displayed no "sign of likely violence," dpa cited an Army offical as saying Thursday.
The inflorescences are racemose, slender, elongated and almost globose, 7-15 cm long, sustained by a modified leaf often reduced to a terminal spathe with 70-220 zygomorphic, perfect, hypogenous flowers (Glover & Barrett 1983).
MRS E WALKER WOODFORD GREEN, ESSEX HELLO MRS WALKER, This popular house plant, also known as the flamingo flower, is a wonderful exotic-looking plant with a vivid red spathe.