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Synonyms for spate

Synonyms for spate

a sudden or rapid flowing outward

something suggestive of running water

an abundant, usually overwhelming flow or fall, as of a river or rain

Synonyms for spate

a sudden forceful flow

the occurrence of a water flow resulting from sudden rain or melting snow


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Executive Director RDF Masood Mahesar sharing objectives of the conference said they have studied spate irrigation, covering all the areas.
Percent EPT decreased in riffles after the spate, but increased in pools, as indicated by a significant habitat X spate interaction term (Table 2, Fig.
Starting from a meat recall at an obscure, immigrant-staffed turkey processing plant in the northern Philadelphia suburbs, Oliver Prichard and Aparna Surendran weave together an intricately detailed narrative about the governmental neglect and corporate non-accountability that have lead to a spate of record-breaking recalls of processed meat infected by bacteria.
But the spate of corporate implosions meant that CEOs would also be facing up to the questions of governance.
Like the entire current spate of mountain memoirs, this is a good-natured autobiographical account of the climber's life and exploits, the moments of rapture he feels at conquering hellishly difficult cliffs, and the awesome beauty of rocky walls and icy cliffs.
Toronto's black community is reeling after a spate of gun-related murders.
BOAT owners who use Welsh harbours have been warned to secure their craft following a spate of thefts of marine equipment.
and no, the actor-singer did not marry Rock Hudson back in the '70s, as a spate of pesky gay rumors suggested.
Have a spate of recent books on the papacy been robbing Peter to pay for publicity?
SIX people have been charged following a spate of burglaries in Wigan.
The silence of many over the spate of killings in the past year can be likened to that of the Germans when Adolf Hitler ordered the extermination of the Jews in World War II: It's born out of fear and complicity.
Limassol police said on Monday they believe a foreign gang is behind the latest in a spate of burglaries targeting the rich in the city, with a Russian woman the latest victim.
It was invented by Llandudno Police and Community Support Officer Sarah Curry after a spate of purse thefts in the town.
A WARNING has been issued by police after a spate of burglaries in Billingham and Norton Cleveland Police are asking residents to heed their advice as the evenings close in during the winter months.
Police are appealing for information after the spate of damage in Blyth, which has included vehicles' bodywork being scratched, as well as wipers being bent back and tyres slashed.