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flesh of a chicken (or game bird) split down the back and grilled (usually immediately after being killed)

prepare for eating if or as if a spatchcock

interpolate or insert (words) into a sentence or story

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Starting with South Pacific Sunrise (1985), David Eggleton has sought this identity in 'the meaningful debris of a clocked-out civilisation', (51) tending to dissolve his Rotuma ancestry in an increasingly prolix celebration of a common Kiwi culture spatchcocked together out of the Local and the Global: sofas, alps, mutton birds, a 'shark-finned Cadillac', butter, Norfolk pines, the Reserve Bank building, a Dow Chemical Plant, and so on.
Such a joint system might be described as spatchcocked, or at least inelegant (a term of some considerable opprobrium in academic circles
But, again, such a combination of a constant-path assumption for the modal (most likely) projection and a rule-based path for divergences could also be described as spatchcocked and inelegant.
Jefferson believed that North America was probably made up of two matching halves, like a spatchcocked hen split open around the breastbone of the Mississippi basin.
If you're roasting instead of barbecuing, and haven't spatchcocked a chicken before, you can simply roast the chickens whole - just increase the cooking time to that of a standard roast.
The best way of cooking quail is to char grill it if it is spatchcocked or oven roast it if it is whole.
Finally - spatchcocked Quail with Sweet wine poached pears.
A few more interesting items stand out from this global crowd - spatchcocked garlic poussin with lemon, rocket and chips (pounds 10.
Spatchcocked chicken marinated in thai green curry sauce with an asian salad
2 large, free-range, organic chickens, spatchcocked (see Know-how, above right) or, just use 4 thighs, 4 legs, 4 wings and 4 breasts
Spatchcocked chicken with a cider and mustard glaze
I won't touch ground-up turkey, hare and rabbit, and I don't like spatchcocked pigeon or bread without a crust.
There may be a vague prospect that the British contract could be spatchcocked into that for the new French aircraft carrier ordained by President Chirac.
While I was doing battle with the magic fettucini pot, my friend tucked into her baby chicken, a rather sad-looking dish with the bird arriving spatchcocked and 'face down in a plate of mash' as she described it.