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Synonyms for spastic

a person suffering from spastic paralysis

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suffering from spastic paralysis

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affected by involuntary jerky muscular contractions

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He was beckoning spastically from his usual spot stage-right, known as The Crypt.
And with enormous will, I moved an arm spastically across the bed.
Jasper residents allocate slightly more of their expenditure to catalogue sales, although the mean differences are not spastically significant.
Their flight was long and swooping, and when the first flock committed and the call came, the cranes spastically folded in mid-air, like a kid going over the handlebars of his bike.
Control in the severity of diabetes mellitus lead to improvement in hearing thresholds which was spastically significant at higher frequencies.
Sullivan in a title fight and he quartered jerkily, spastically around, trying to find and focus on whoever had attacked him with a sledge hammer.
His blog, Live My Lief, houses YouTube videos of him spastically reading his poems, but there are also posts with screenshots of cryptic tweets, animated GIFs of him spouting inspirational phrases, endless selfles and a series of longer-form writing entries like "Why I Dropped Out of My Poetry MFA Program".
An officer who was directing traffic in the same area saw Joel trying to make tracks while spastically grabbin' at his pants and figured he was up to no good.
Meanwhile, Donohue (in a sporty, red, zip-up nylon vest and shiny, silver, rolled-up track pants and knee pads) interprets the words in gleeful bounces and spastically flailing arms.
At last the ensemble of servants--so spastically woeful they seem to have strayed from "Marat/Sade"--pulls it down, revealing Riccardo Hernandez's bare set of a once-stately interior so decrepit it appears uninhabitable (and, given the absence of furniture, uninhabited).