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Synonyms for hemiplegia

paralysis of one side of the body

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Secondary Oral Myiasis by Dipteran larvae in a male with spastic hemiplegia following RTA.
The neurologic examination confirmed spastic hemiplegia with right adductor/extensor pattern in the lower and adductor/flexor pattern in the upper extremity including pronation and ulnar deviation of the flexed wrist, flexed fingers forming a fist enclosing the adducted thumb, and the arm flexed at the elbow.
2 In advanced disease flaccid or spastic hemiplegia quadriplegia and ataxia have been reported.
s [31] retrospective study found a 35% rate of epilepsy, which most commonly affected children with spastic hemiplegia and tetraplegia.
John has cerebral palsy with a combination of spastic hemiplegia (spasticity affecting one side of his body) and spastic diplegia (spasticity affecting his lower extremities) allowing only one of his arms to move no higher than his chin.
EK aid for wee Aiden EAST Kilbride Youth Club will host their annual festival at the weekend with funds helping local tot Aidan McAvoy, who has spastic hemiplegia and needs a life-changing operation.
The typical posture of the spastic hemiplegia is a tightly fisted hand with inability to open the hand or release grasp.
Improvement in walking speed in poststroke spastic hemiplegia after intrathecal baclofen therapy: a preliminary study.