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with spasms


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That process will continue this week and could provide a breakthrough that would boost the Doha Round talks that have continued spasmodically since November 2001.
While dancing with a young gentleman to whom she was engaged, she turned pale and gasped spasmodically for breath, tottered, and then fell.
Interrupting the child's hand motion by means of noncontinuous editing techniques, the artist makes this coiled shape spasmodically increase and decrease in amplitude, appear and disappear at various points of execution.
The government's writ runs spasmodically here and there; gangsters thrive in no-go areas and at the first chance the Muslim Brotherhood government will be turfed out.
I need a period of playing reasonable golf to build confidence but I've been playing spasmodically.
At the same time, it clearly refutes those prominent C* people who often express the position that police allegedly resort to indiscriminate or excessive violence or react spasmodically, leaving the public unprotected.
Although nothing like the May Blitz was experienced again on Merseyside, the air raids continued spasmodically in the region.
Some historians believe that dance mania didn't really die out, but re-materialized in rave culture -- which sees E-fueled ravesters spasmodically jerk their bodies about for hour upon hour, often reaching a kind of transported state.
Few weeks ago after referendum it was understood that the government in power in the South was trying to use the name 'South Sudan' spasmodically before July 9, and also until majority agrees on the naming.
was impressive by all metrics, management's earnings and same-store sales guidance for the fourth quarter disappointed Wall Street, which reacted spasmodically and trimmed the retailer's share price by 2% on the day results were announced.
Only spasmodically have both sides impressed," he says in his article for the Sydney Morning Herald.
Mister Welter stood silently as well, jerking spasmodically while obviously weighing his options.
I have a cheap, lidded bin outside my back door for all my kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings, teabags and eggshells, which I add to the heap spasmodically.
When the others went off through the elevator, one of the nurses administered an injection, and, as the captain jerked spasmodically on the gurney, the nurses, who turned out to be the weird sisters, stood by and watched him die.
Parents are strongly advised to place infants to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of death from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), but babies in this position are often afflicted with the startle (or Moro) reflex, in which their arms and legs pop up and jerk spasmodically.