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grass of freshwater swamps and salt marshes of Europe, Africa, America, and South Atlantic islands

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Controversy has at different times centred around erosion of the Dee Cliffs, tidal flows, wildlife and habitat, the spread of Spartina grass and damage to the estuary banks on both the Wirral and Welsh sides of the water.
These mussels are commonly found partially or totally buried in sediments of Spartina grass tide marshes (Kuenzler, 1961).
Spartina grass and a variety of other habitat types surround the island.
For flood tide fishing in the spartina grass, I typically use soft plastics rigged weedless with at least a 1/4-ounce weight for long casts to the fish.
Conservation officers have identified several issues of ``serious concern'' including the effects on erosion of the Dee Cliffs, the tidal flows, the wildlife and habitat, and the spread of Spartina grass.
Put high water and sunrise in your sights and work topwater plugs along the spartina grass edges, especially around oyster bars.
The build-up of sand dunes on Wirral's beaches is causing the spread of spartina grass, which attracts mosquito colonies.
On a rising tide, reds often move along the spartina grass foraging for small crabs and shrimp.
The mud out there, with the reeds spearing through the spartina grass, daily attracts the eager squelch of wellied nature-followers, whose binoculars search the horizon in the hope of seeing an unexpected visitor swoop and feed.
A growing legion of anglers will be watching tide charts and slipping up into spartina grass flats on the highest of these, sight-fishing reds, black drum and sheepshead.
But each year they hope the high tides of autumn will return to Parkgate, flushing out the wildlife as they rush over the mudflats, slipping under the reeds and spartina grass, on their way to the wall.
A lot of angling stars need to align to work the spartina grass, but when they do it's an amazing fishery.
If the tides are higher than you'd like, look around areas of spartina grass or mangrove roots where the crabs like to venture on high water.
So does listening to the warbling trills of red-winged blackbirds that call across the endless spartina grass that all seems to grow to exactly the same height.
An increasingly popular ploy here is to sight-fish flooded spartina grass flats for redfish and sheepshead Just look for extra high tides usually associated with new and full moons and/ or northeast winds.