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Synonyms for sparse

Synonyms for sparse

conspicuously deficient in quantity, fullness, or extent

Synonyms for sparse

not dense


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l]-norm is used for the reconstruction of the sparsest solution of the equation [[phi][chi] = y.
Hundley's versatility is also evident in the assurance he demonstrates both in the simplest and sparsest of his songs as well as those that are densely complex.
While all of her chapters are precise and condensed examples of her considerable skill to probe deeply into Celan's poetics, Tobias's discussion of Celan's late poems is particularly important because it shows, quite simply, that even these sparsest poems are still eloquent; they still speak, even if, as Tobias argues, they are no longer dialogical because they call into question their own utterance.
18) Those zip codes where population density was the sparsest showed significantly lower percentages of high-speed Internet access than did more densely populated areas.
At Spring Hollow, vegetation in the browsed plots was the sparsest, with 70% of browsed plots being in the 5-25% cover category.
With the sparsest audience I have ever seen at the LBT, there was not much encouragement for Stephanie Schober and her Dance Company on last night's visit to Huddersfield.
Beautiful Girl," a previously unreleased demo recorded just last year, finds Jackson gliding over the sparsest synth and drum-machine accompaniment, and across octaves with an eeriness and finesse that recall Little Jimmy Scott.
This is the sparsest segment of the song, featuring just Kate Bush and the string instruments without even the bass drum that will eventually enhance the percussive effects.
Remaining true to his recent signature style ofsubtle depth and disarming simplicity, Cole proceeded to perform his melodic, gut wrenching vocals with the sparsest of accompaniment.
Rice, backed by the sparsest of backing bands, breathed new life into the songs he has been carrying round for so long, twisting and turning them with a twinkle of mischief in his eye.
According to Winnicott, play is "inherently exciting and precario us" just because it is the moment in which the near-hallucinatory imagination--so skilled at seeing the expected pattern with even the sparsest cues--must intersect with both shared and contingent reality.
LG6 has historically been one of the sparsest linkage groups in maps produced from crosses between elite inbred lines (Berry et al.
Renard has one of the sparsest discographies of any major pianist.
at home, only the sparsest stars Arrive at twilight, and then after some effort.