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Synonyms for sparseness

the property of being scanty or scattered

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In the proposed algorithm, the sparse features are obtained by the means of minimizing the [L.sub.2] error between the sparse target martrix and the competitive layer outputs, and the sparse level of the learned features can be adjusted flexibly by the sparseness which is a continuous value which lies in the interval [0, 1].
The fish introduces a sense of foreboding that is amplified by the painting's sparseness, a departure distinguishing these recent works from the artist's usual high-density compositions.
The three-time Grammy winner said: "There's an honesty in the sparseness. It's direct communication The star plays Theatre Royal Castlebar, Co Mayo, on June 24, the Millennium Forum in Derry on June 25, Belfast's Waterfront Hall on June 26 and Dublin's Olympia on June 28.
While the Constitution makes reference to a vote by Congress of 'three-fourths of all its members,' the very sparseness of that language leaves it open to interpretation.
There's sparseness to it but it's completely engaging.
These songs are given few embellishments sometimes a fiddle is added to a single voice, sometimes a banjo or guitar chimes in but always the power is in the sparseness.
The dehumanizing effects of technology, globalization, and chasing indiscriminately after profits are clearly shown in spite of (or perhaps because of) the sparseness and simplicity of the film.
The sparseness of Schweblin's prose, translated by Megan McDowell, anchors this strange conversation and keeps it from becoming disorienting.
However, there exist two main drawbacks in LSSVM, as its solution suffers from lack of sparseness and robustness [9].
There is an aesthetically pleasing sparseness throughout the volume, which is marred by the occasional odd mannequin choice.
Maybe it's the cold, maybe it's the Geminids stealing the glory, maybe it's their sparseness, or people being busy just before Christmas.
In KS, eversion of the lateral eyelid, arched eyebrows with sparseness of the lateral third, a depressed nasal tip, and prominent ears are the striking facial features in almost all patients.
We still prefer the relative realism and sparseness of the installment in which Bourne leaped from a building into a window in another towering structure-with the camera (and presumably its operator) leaping across with him!
residents who had been killed in battle during World War 1.1 was appalled with the sparseness of the monument and its location, kind of shunted aside from the others on the National Mall.
The sparseness of the production on her 17th studio album highlights three things: Raitt's amazing guitar skills, her writing and her voice--which, after 66 years, is in remarkably good shape.