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Synonyms for sparseness

the property of being scanty or scattered

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Yes, this was painfully lowkey at times, but there is little doubt - especially considering the sparseness of options - that Carroll made himself pretty much a stone-cold certainty to start against France on June 11.
Do we judge the sparseness of the biblical language the same way we value the flowering poetry of the Psalms that makes up the psukei d'zimra?
Almost lean, without venturing into sparseness, as if any extraneous distractions were excised on the drawing board.
The sparseness of some areas of Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas.
2010) recognized that the sparseness of monitoring data, especially in developing countries, had hindered epidemiologic and health impact studies of P[M.
Perhaps the slow movement with its sparseness, coming from the depths of the troubled composer's soul, did not appeal.
There's a sparseness in the way her prints are made but they are very engaging.
Given that the NME likened their early punk-fuelled sound - deftly revisited on their latest album, 2007's Make Another World - to "a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs", the quiet haven part was initially somewhat ironic, but gradually came closer as Idlewild meanwhile progressed through sweeping melodic rock to rootsy, melodic sparseness.
7,8) Diagnosis during the encephalitic stage may be challenging due to sparseness of organism, and a non-invasive test capable of distinguishing early from late stage disease has not been developed.
There is an unhurried, careful crafting of the hermit's world, his agony of loneliness, his triumph of faith, and the way the sparseness of his surroundings contrasts with the wealth and warmth of emotions among living creatures, elements that imperceptibly draw the reader toward this reluctant protagonist and leaves her with a warm feeling at the end.
But once on, the animal rapidly propels you to the perfect height from which to appreciate the acacia-fringed sparseness of the dunes as they melt from gold to rust in the sinking sun.
Unit Three's sparseness is an indication of the dearth of healthcare research available regarding many cultural and ethnic populations for addressing disparities in disease, disability, and mortality.
The elemental sparseness of the latter is reminiscent of Beckett's works, while the 'island frame', McGahern says, introduce us 'into a complete representation of existence' (p.