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Synonyms for sparse

Synonyms for sparse

conspicuously deficient in quantity, fullness, or extent

Synonyms for sparse

not dense


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[THETA] is called the sparse coefficients and is the transform vector of x in [PSI] domain.
(2) We consider the existence of gross errors and propose a technique based on sparse optimization overcoming this limitation by extracting the outliers from the data, which successfully generates stealthy FDI attacks in the presence of outliers.
Then it is decomposed into a background matrix and a foreground matrix, where the background matrix is low rank, and the foreground matrix is group sparse. This low rank constraint is able to automatically model background from both stationary and moving cameras, and the group sparsity constraint improves the robustness to noise.
On one hand, the sparse reconstruction performance is seriously affected by noises.
Considering the fact that f is sparse or nearly sparse in terms of an orthogonal basis, one straightforward approach is to find the sparsest solution of (1) by [l.sub.0] minimization.
In terms of sparse representation, its extract resolution is an NP-hard problem [15].
The research of CS theory is mainly divided into three aspects: 1) the sparse representation of signals; 2) the uncorrelated sampling[6]; 3) sparse reconstruction [7].
From Classical Truncation Scheme to Sparse Chaos Representation
Hypotrichosis is a hair-loss condition that is characterized by sparse hair on scalp, reduced to absent eyebrows and eyelashes.
Sparse array is obtained by removing some antenna elements from the homogeneous array randomly.
This paper proposes a sparse autoencoder deep neural network with dropout to diagnose the wheel-rail adhesion state of a locomotive.
Sparse coding is a powerful tool for the analysis of nonstationary signals [6, 7]; it has achieved significant success in signal denoising and separation.
However, the low frequency subband coefficients obtained by NSCT decomposition are not sparse, and the fusion of them directly is not conducive to maintain the characteristics of the source image.