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Synonyms for sparse

Synonyms for sparse

conspicuously deficient in quantity, fullness, or extent

Synonyms for sparse

not dense


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Not more than fifty, thatched with a sparse growth of iron-gray hair, he looked several times the age of Dowsett.
White, a slender, frail little man whose hand seemed strangely cold, as if he were suffering from a chill, and whose whiskers were sparse and silky.
It was the same with his hair, sparse and irregular of growth, muddy-yellow and dirty-yellow, rising on his head and sprouting out of his face in unexpected tufts and bunches, in appearance like clumped and wind-blown grain.
You see," said he, whisking round, and showing one little strip where a line of scattered hairs, like the last survivors in some fatal field, still barely held their own against the fate which had fallen upon their comrades; "these locks need some little oiling and curling, for I doubt not that if you look slantwise at my head, when the light is good, you will yourself perceive that there are places where the hair is sparse.
Late in the afternoon he followed a stream, milky with lime, which ran through sparse patches of rush-grass.
She was hidden from him by the back of her deck-chair; but he had the view of the owner of the thin, aged legs seated on the skylight, his clean-shaved cheek, his thin compressed mouth with a hollow in each corner, the sparse grey locks escaping from under the tweed cap, and curling slightly on the collar of the coat.
A sparse population and want make every man his own valet, cook, butcher and soldier, and the habit of supplying his own needs educates the body to wonderful performances.
His hair, sparse and unkempt of growth, was as indeterminate and colorless as his complexion.
Tulliver felt that she ought to be affected, but she was a woman of sparse tears, stout and healthy; she couldn't cry so much as her sister Pullet did, and had often felt her deficiency at funerals.
Three interpolation methods of sparse time series for correlation of dam crustal displacements are presented.
The core computations of many numerical simulation techniques are based on sparse matrices, making it important to provide general purpose high performance software libraries for such structures.
Sparse ( the coalition of more than 80 local authorities, including Alnwick District and Berwick Borough ( sets out its position in a response to the Department of Trade and Industry's consultation document.
This limited access results in only sparse visitation, and what an enchanting world it becomes.
At all scales his work can be described as abstract, sparse and elemental, and over the course of his over 30-year career many recurring themes emerge.
Immunofluorescence tests with antirabies conjugate prepared to be cross-reactive with the African rabies related viruses (Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute, Pretoria, South Africa) showed small and sparse inclusion bodies in impression smears of the cortex, hippocampus, thalamus, medulla, and cerebellum.