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Synonyms for sparse

Synonyms for sparse

conspicuously deficient in quantity, fullness, or extent

Synonyms for sparse

not dense


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Section 2 reviews the sparse representation theory.
DMD terms with Fourier frequencies near the origin (zero-modes) are interpreted as background (low-rank) portions of the given video frames, and the terms with Fourier frequencies bounded away from the origin are their sparse counterparts.
Restaurants also have the option of using a proprietary GPS tracker developed by Sparse, that can be fitted onto bikes.
This book explains sparse coding from both theoretical and practical points of view, reviews the applications of sparse coding in both low-level and high-level vision, problems, and suggests future research directions by linking sparse coding to modern machine learning algorithms including deep neural networks.
In this paper, we study an expression recognition method by a sparse representation method.
This mismatch causes the performance of conventional sparse reconstruction methods to degrade considerably [3, 6, 7, 11-14].
In Sparse representation can be used in many signal ad image processing applications.
Keywords: holonomic brain theory, dictionary learning, sparse coding, quantum particle swarm optimization, complex-valued synergetic neural network, body expression.
In recent years, plenty of works have investigated the theory and application of sparse microwave imaging radar, and a few of them are mentioned here.
6] presented a high resolution imaging method for SAR sparse targets reconstruction based on CS theory, which reduced sample size and avoided limitation in the resolution ability of conventional SAR imaging method based on matched filtering (MF) theory.
Recently, the DOA estimation problem by exploiting sparse representation [9] has gained much attention.
It's why, unlike British workers, they won't moan about living in a Big Brother-style compound in sparse accommodation, forced to eat bland food and take part in regimented group activities by minidictators in red uniforms who threaten to shoot them if they try to get over the wall.
Vision-based robot navigation; quest for intelligent approaches using a sparse distributed memory.
London, Oct 23 ( ANI ): The sparse hair of the elephant helps carry heat away from the animal's skin and into the air, a study by Princeton University has found.
They show that if the signal is sparse under a redundant dictionary, and the combination of the dictionary and some random sampling matrix satisfies Restricted Isometry Property (RIP) [1,3,4], then CS can still implement via the existing reconstruction algorithms, such as Basis Pursuit (BP) [12].