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having the approximate size of a sparrow

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The sparrow-sized American bird nests on farmland in the Great Plains and winters in Argentina, Brazil or Peru.
They can strike more than 20 times a second with their chisel-like beaks.The secretive, sparrow-sized Lesser Spotted Woodpecker can be identified by its quieter, steadier and longer periods of drumming.
But despite the sparrow-sized bird's brilliance, scientists largely overlooked the species until about 10 years ago, when they realized that the bunting was fading from much of its range.
The sparrow-sized specimen is the earliest known example of a bird with modernized flying ability, reports Paul C.
Her response follows the disappearance of the sparrow-sized bird at the end of the last week.
This equates to 3,200 sparrow-sized birds or 600 birds of blackbird/thrush size.
Tiny little sparrow-sized things, just starting to sprout 'proper' feathers from their fluffy coats, it's hard to believe that each of these birds has the potential to grow into a strapping 18lb centrepiece for someone's festive feast.
These range from the sparrow-sized elf owl of Central America to the giant European eagle owl with its 7ft wingspan.