sparrow hawk

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small North American falcon

small hawk of Eurasia and northern Africa

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Sparrow Hawks also are known to feed on small birds, mainly in the winter.
The eggs were later found to be five African fish eagles, nine black sparrow hawks, two African hawk eagles and three Cape vultures.
He said: "This Sparrow Hawk landed in our garden last week looking for breakfast.
Eighteen eyes from five Accipitriformes: harrier (Circaetus gallicus), hawk (Falco peregrinus), kestrel (Falco tinniculus), buzzard (Buteo buteo) and sparrow hawk (Accipiter nisus) and from four Strigiformes: tawny owl (Strix aluco), barn owl (Tyto alba), little owl (Athene noctua) and great horned owl (Bubo bubo) were used in this study.
Included in this book are the stories: The Song of Hiawatha, Iktomi and the Muskrat, The Boy and the Turtles, The Arrow Chain, The Toad and the Boy, The Sparrow Hawk and the Grasshoppers, Origin of the Groundhog Dance, The Eye Juggler, The Tree-bound, The Sun Snarer, How the Rattlesnake Learned to Bite, The White Trail in the Sky, The Pet Donkey, The Enchanted Horse, The Story of the Peace Pipe, The Raccoon and the Crawfish, Splinter Foot Girl, Creation of Man, The Orphan and the Owl, Coyote and Sun, The Children of Cloud, Iktomi's Blanket, Why the Apaches are Fierce, and many, many more.
Rhyw dair blynedd yn ol roedd y lawnt yma a'r gwrych yn ferw o adar bach ond oherwydd y gwalch glas (sparrow hawk) a welais a'm llygaid fy hun yn codi aml i ddryw a Robin goch oddiar y lawnt, a heddiw nid oes aderyn i'w weld ynddi.
Keith said: "The wood pigeon was happy flying around until the sparrow hawk flew in mid-air and snatched this poor old pigeon from the sky.
Also, whether to charge for something trivial depends on those first 10 seconds when we meet someone and if our instincts tell us whether the person in front of us is a dolphin or a shark, a pussycat or a polecat, a sparrow or a sparrow hawk, a red squirrel or a grey one...
According to environmentalists there are 82 bird species in the area, including the griffon vulture, laggar falcon, peregrine falcon, kestrel, Indian sparrow hawk, Egyptian vulture and white-cheeked bulbul.
One of the species spotted was the Shikra sparrow hawk, which has been added to Turkey's bird species list.
A pencil sketch of a sparrow hawk he gave me in 1963 hangs in my home and reminds me of happy summer days spent in marsh, field and stream, observing, collecting, examining and trying to better understand the natural world.
The only bird capable of doing this was the sparrow hawk, but this sparrow hawk was different.
They provide a brilliant distraction when work is just too intense and I love the fact that it even interrupts meetings when the sparrow hawk streaks past.
The dictionary defines the Jayhawk as a mythical bird, a cross between the blue jay and the sparrow hawk. But the Improved Jayhawk built by the F.