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a boxer who spars with another boxer who is training for an important fight

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Carl Dilks (right) and Wayne Adeniyi | |(below) will fight for real after being former sparring partners
Rather than bringing over the typical sparring partners, guys used to just taking punishment, I have brought over a load of top-ten heavyweights, some of them unbeaten, with lots of ambition and pride.
In fact, probably for the next fight we are going to have to bring in American and European sparring partners because we are running out of British opponents.
He was asked if I have a glass jaw and he said 'what are you talking about, I spar with him and he's knocked lots of sparring partners out who are heavier'.
Look who Wladimir has used over the years - Michael Sprott, Ola Afolabi - he has the usual sparring partners who turn up and take big jabs all night long, get their pay cheque and everyone is happy.
Harrison taunted the reigning champion over rumours that he was knocked down in training by his sparring partner Tony Thompson.
But a few of the sparring partners believe I will win.
The old sparring partners, Abstraction and Figuration, are no longer at odds.
A quick check through the index suggests that all the right names are here including wrinkly sparring partners Hertzberger and Koolhaas.
They seem like sparring partners until, later, they start to gang up on one man whose sexual orientation is different from their own.
Pacquiao (59-6-2) is preparing to defend his WBO World welterweight championship against the undefeated Horn (16-0-1) in Australia, and has so far breezed through his sparring partners despite the sluggish beginnings.
Pacquiao's workout at the Wild Card Gym included five hard rounds with a pair of sparring partners.
Since arriving in the country since mid-October he has also been giving updates on his ventures as one of the sparring partners of the popular Pacquiao.