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a boxer who spars with another boxer who is training for an important fight

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The 5'10 Martyniouk, a former sparring mate of Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire, totes a record of 132 with two knockouts.
Roach arrived here Wednesday with two sparring mates in tow.
Skipping a morning jog, Pacquiao sparred four rounds each with three sparring mates before 'getting intense on the mitts' with head coach Buboy Fernandez, reported
The fighting senator lived up to expectations of grinding out even as everyone else celebrates when he punished three sparring mates a few days before New Year.
Being paired with another aggressive fighter like Pacquiao could mean an exciting fight should the former sparring mates face each other in 2015.
"I see what you mean by a constructive position," commented Jo Leinen (PES, Germany), president of the committee, ironically, particularly as Timmermans was a member of the Convention along with several AFCO Committee members and found himself back among old sparring mates'.
Boxing's only eight-division World champion schooled three of his sparring mates on Saturday at Wild Card Boxing Gym-the house where he built his legacy with former head trainer Freddie Roach.
Less than three weeks before gunning for a fourth world crown in four weight classes, Donnie Nietes has stepped out of his comfort zone to train with new sparring mates.
Manny Pacquiao would now be pinned on the ropes, absorbing stinging blows from his sparring mates at the House of Representatives.
Roach, trainer of eight division World Champion Manny Pacquiao, told reporters in the US that a Mexican friend of his told him that the undefeated Mayweather is having trouble with the fast-paced styles of his sparring mates.
Pacquiao also said he still has no idea who his sparring mates will be and even if he knew their names he will also keep it to himself.
Canadian matchmaker and financial adviser Michael Koncz said Roach would be bringing along with him two sparring mates for Pacquiao.