sparring match

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a practice or exhibition boxing match

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TEHRAN (FNA)- In the trial for six ex-Pennsylvania narcotics officers accused of conspiracy, robbery, extortion, kidnapping and drug dealing during a six-year racketeering scheme, opening statements began with a verbal sparring match between the lawyers, a media report said.
Joining the annual sparring match this year will be Comanche, owned by American Jim Clark and his Australian wife, Kristy Hinze-Clark.
Yesterday, the press reported a sparring match between Pope Francis and Benjamin Netanyahu that never really transpired.
In what has become a yearly sparring match between bankers and their critics, HSBC Holdings chairman Douglas Flint and Barclays chief executive officer Antony Jenkins, two of Britain's top bankers, faced criticism on Wednesday from Paul Singer, the billionaire hedge-fund manager who runs New York- based Elliott Management Corp, and Stanford University professor Anat Admati at a debate at the World Economic Forum.
Their first date is a sparring match of Jersey accents, a dueling "Saturday Night Live'' sketch.
IT WAS billed as the opening round of a long sparring match but Chris Froome went for the knock-out blow on the first true mountain stage of the 100th Tour de France.
IT was billed as the opening round of a long sparring match, but Chris Froome went for the knock-out blow on the first true mountain stage of the 100th Tour de France.
At least one sparring match led to a more serious fight that exposed dozens of photos before the bucks finally broke up and moved off.
The verbal sparring match, held in Guadalajara, in the violence-torn state of Jalisco, could help decide the tight race with three weeks to go before the July 1 vote.
She first fell in love with boxing in California when, during a sparring match against a coach--who had just taught her some basics--she threw an uppercut and gave him a black eye.
Salt takes the lead and during the verbal sparring match, Orlov accuses the feisty female of being a highly trained sleeper agent, who has been primed to kill the Russian President at the American vice president's funeral in New York.
Instead, Lothar Matthaus' men won a sparring match with Saudi Arabia in Istanbul 2-0, making it two wins out of two outings for the national team's new head coach.
No sooner than the message started doing the rounds, National Conference ( NC) leaders went ballistic and triggered a sparring match with Opposition party PDP, accusing Mehbooba Mufti of circulating the SMS.
Just before Pope Benedict XVI arrived in France in mid-September, Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois of Paris got into a verbal sparring match with local reporters over whether French Catholicism could be described as the "Sick Lady" of Europe.