sparring match

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a practice or exhibition boxing match

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He went for a sprint on the race track, took a bike ride and got into a sparring match - all in one day.
It was a bit of a sparring match in the first half but we had enough in our locker to win the game and we managed to do that.
The verbal sparring match, held in Guadalajara, in the violence-torn state of Jalisco, could help decide the tight race with three weeks to go before the July 1 vote.
Salt takes the lead and during the verbal sparring match, Orlov accuses the feisty female of being a highly trained sleeper agent, who has been primed to kill the Russian President at the American vice president's funeral in New York.
Instead, Lothar Matthaus' men won a sparring match with Saudi Arabia in Istanbul 2-0, making it two wins out of two outings for the national team's new head coach.
No sooner than the message started doing the rounds, National Conference ( NC) leaders went ballistic and triggered a sparring match with Opposition party PDP, accusing Mehbooba Mufti of circulating the SMS.
But during this past week, she had a "wardrobe malfunction" at a rain-soaked London premiere and a sparring match with David Letterman on television.
Just before Pope Benedict XVI arrived in France in mid-September, Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois of Paris got into a verbal sparring match with local reporters over whether French Catholicism could be described as the "Sick Lady" of Europe.
I enjoyed Adler's ongoing sparring match with Petrocelli throughout his book.
Yet a yellow card for home prop Adam Black midway through the second half sparked a ding-dong sparring match.
The CFR's website described the event as a sparring match, reporting that "the Iranian leader engaged in a protracted punch and counterpunch with the [CFR] panel.
But during a verbal sparring match, Mr Trevena was challenged on several occasions by Michael Boyce representing the BBBC to produce a copy of the letter which he failed to do.
A politician needs lengthy me-time before he or she embarks on a ridiculously long pre-election sparring match.
Senior jumps handicapper Phil Smith on his annual Grand National weights sparring match with Ginger McCain.
Kirsty MacColl: Fairytale In New York The insults fly in this brilliant vocal sparring match between Shane MacGowan the late Kirsty MacColl.