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Synonyms for sparring

an argument in which the participants are trying to gain some advantage

making the motions of attack and defense with the fists and arms


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Claiming silver medallists were Bernadetta Kaminska (patterns), Aga Rzetelna (individual sparring), Oskar Zientara (individual sparring, patterns), Karolina Swiadek (patterns, individual sparring), Heather Downie (individual sparring), Stanislaw Zarzycki (individual sparring), Jonah Plathotthil (patterns), Natanael Biziewski (individual sparring) and Krystian Oblag (individual sparring).
11-year-old Malika Nafees put her strong kicks to good use, winning gold in the girls' yellow/green belt sparring category, as well as a bronze medal in the patterns event.
Pacquiao (59-6-2) is preparing to defend his WBO World welterweight championship against the undefeated Horn (16-0-1) in Australia, and has so far breezed through his sparring partners despite the sluggish beginnings.
Dayomey won the 10yrs blue-red junior points sparring and continuous sparring titles while Andrew was successful in the adult point sparring and continuous sparring sections.
Devin Doyle, of Lancaster, first place, girls 13-15 Intermediate Kata, second place, girls 13-15 Intermediate Sparring, third place, 13-17 Under Black Belt Weapons Kata;
Scottish team representative Katie Elliott went one better in the Ladies Black Belt Lightweight Sparring taking second as well as third in the Ladies Black Belt Team Sparring.
Macho Products, innovator and leading manufacturer of protective martial arts sparring gear, today announced that the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) has passed a standard specification for protective headgear used in martial arts (Designation F-2397-04).
There were two categories wthin the competition - individual sparring and patterns.
The youngest team member, fearless four-year-old James Connolly-Dixon who was competing for the first time, beat three experienced opponents to take the gold sparring medal.
Red belts: Anton Lloyd-Jones, aged 11 of Penywaun, gold in Forms, gold in weapons, silver in sparring and silver in breaking (four medals) Green belts: Kieron Dillon, aged 11 of Penywaun, gold in breaking, silver in sparring.
All taking part in the sparring and Patterns were Under 10 and there were winning performances from: Luke Hamilton (purple belt, sparring) Ramandeep Mann (yellow belt, sparring) and Cameron Sandhu (orange belt, sparring).
Paul's proudest moment was watching his nine-year-old daughter Charlotte winning gold in the Qingda Sparring in what was only her second competition and her first outside the club.
The school was represented by 19 students - 15 adults and four children - who took part in patterns, sparring and special techniques.
The youngest team member, fearless James Connolly-Dixon, was competing for the first time and beat three more experienced opponents to take the gold medal in sparring.