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electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine and ignites the gas by means of an electric spark

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He can't hit, he can't field, he can't run--all he can do is beat you," Durocher proclaimed in his second most often quoted utterance next to the purported "nice guys finish last," which may also have a bearing on the role of those sparkplugs who give no quarter.
Admittedly, none of the currently active sparkplugs mentioned--Eckstein, Counsell, Vina, Biggio and the rest--fits perfectly into the Stanky mold, none being as nasty as Durocher's archetype was between the lines.
It became familiar, like a rested Chevy with bad sparkplugs.
3-liter, four-cylinder engine features two sparkplugs per cylinder, allowing for more thorough combustion to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions.
The signs for sparkplugs, beverages are everywhere, the coaster post-Revolution.
Auto Business News-December 8, 2011--Audi AG to equip four cylinder engines with BorgWarner sparkplugs.
It has four valves and two sparkplugs per cylinder, fuel injection and an EXUP system in the exhaust to optimise power and torque throughout the rev range.
Ruddock has a huge task on his hands to get things rolling again and not just because they have lost sparkplugs like Josh Taumalolo and are without injured Wales forward Nathan Budgett.
This 10-year-old displayed all his toughness and courage when winning the valuable Curragh Handicap and will bid for further glory in the pounds 20,000 NGK Sparkplugs Stubbs Rated Stakes over two miles.