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electrical device that fits into the cylinder head of an internal-combustion engine and ignites the gas by means of an electric spark

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It is the second consecutive year that Sparkplug Dance has received this competitive award for small arts and culture organizations.
I quite liked Sparkplug, because he was never afraid of using public money to go on an exotic trip abroad and insult lots of foreigners.
The ZoomInfo Marketing Contacts SparkPlug lets marketers easily add new prospects to their Eloqua databases without time-consuming exports and imports and without duplicating existing contacts.
If you have a petrol mower, run down the fuel before storing it and disconnect the sparkplug lead.
US fixed-wireless communications providers Airband Communications and Sparkplug Communications on Thursday announced they have joined forces to create the largest sector player in the United States, offering voice and data services in 17 states.
Other features listed include improved pilot fuel porting to reduce carbon buildup; and smaller nozzle volume to reduce thermal loading, reduce Nox formation and extend sparkplug life.
Before scraping, always disconnect the sparkplug cable to prevent accidental starts.
In the past few years, with Martin taking on part-time racing status, he's surprisingly been on the brink of winning several major events, including finishing second by the length of a sparkplug in the 2007 Daytona 500.
If you're one of the guys who plunks down 10 grand for some prebuilt custom jobber or couldn't change a sparkplug to save your life, save your breath and go buy Tiger Beat or something.
The Sparkplug Foundation supports projects with seed money to build lasting infrastructures to carry out the goals of music, education, and community organizing work.
I USED to work at the Champion Sparkplug Factory in Upton, Wirral, and was very sad to hear the site is to close in March.
The new injection molding grades also have improved flow and cycle times for the production of components such as automotive luggage racks, sparkplug covers, and grille-opening retainers.
The new grades also have somewhat improved flow and cycle times when injection molded to create such components as automotive luggage racks, sparkplug covers, and grill-opening retainers.