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Synonyms for sparkly

marked by high spirits or excitement

having brief brilliant points or flashes of light

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While the UAE is very good at doing superlative dining experiences with the whitest linens and the sparkliest chandeliers, diners may be experiencing something of luxury fatigue - which has sparked the rise of less formal, and more relaxed restaurants that still offer five-star quality food.
KATE MIDDLETON princesses (bright eyes, dark hair) will look striking wearing the sparkliest of emerald.
Think of our own Duchess of Cambridge who will look striking wearing the sparkliest of emeralds.
But it's the best, sparkliest top coat we've seen, and suits everyone because it's a cool gold with red flashes.
If he's going to sparkle, the show's going to need sponsorship from Popley and Sons or any other major jeweller, because he has to be the sparkliest sparkle there ever sparkled.
IT'S that time of year again, when soap actors get dressed up in their shortest and sparkliest frocks, get drunk, fall over and have fights.
It might be interesting to know more about what the other women--who in both their sparkliest and most tiresome moments resemble a sitcom ensemble--were like before Red Moon Rising, but except to serve the plot, Boyd doesn't permit much.
Once women realise they don't have show their belly she says con-fidence blossoms and has them reaching for "the sparkliest jangliest costume".
Strictly Come Dancing BBC1, 7pm ENTERTAINMENT If you're Strictly-mad, this second instalment of the sparkliest show on telly is a treat.
It's time to outshine the fairy lights with jewel tone brights, overshadow the tinsel in the sparkliest of frocks and give the tree angel a run for her money in shimmering winter whites.
Martyn Green, director at Jones Lang LaSalle, said: "It's Delph's first venture in Liverpool, and what an amazing building for its first venture here - the largest, sparkliest, tallest building.
You get your hair done, you wear your best dress and you dig out your sparkliest jewellery - only for the big outing to turn out something of a damp squib.