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a firework that burns slowly and throws out a shower of sparks

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Sparkler's technology will be integrated into Noggin's platform, enabling parents to guide and support their kids' continued growth and development through engaging, playable content and experiences on and off screen, with personalised features that track progress over time.
With New Year's Eve just around the corner, Black Cat are continuing their fundraising for Kirkwood and promoting their sparkler packs for one more day - this Saturday.
Prosecco is an Italian sparkler made from glera and other grapes in the Prosecco DOC region using the charmat method.
Sparklers: Sparklers are made by coating a piece of metal with a mixture of chemicals.
Try to identify which is the Champagne, West Coast sparkler, cava, and prosecco.
BURN TIME: 55 secs WOW FACTOR: Big show for a little sparkler SCORE: 4/5 21 TNT Gold Sparklers (10 inch), PS1.39, Aldi.
SPARKLERS have been banned from some of the region's top fireworks displays over health and safety fears.
Argyle is unusual in its making both still and sparkling from more or less the beginning; wineries more often start with one and then add the other (such as adding sparkling to the Frank family portfolio after two decades, or adding a small proportion of table wines to the expanding Gruet sparkling production.) Jeanne Burgess mentioned a conversation with a start-up blueberry wine producer in Georgia who was planning to begin with a sparkler; her advice was to get the still wine down first.
Once the fire had died down and the last sparkler was done, we'd head inside for pathooreh and channa - I can taste it now.
According Cohen, the 4.7-carat pearl-shaped sparkler is worth only 50,000 dollars, but does acknowledge its notoriety has an unknown worth.
In my mind I could see Robby watching my grandfather disappear around the side of the building before trying to light a few sparkler sticks.
His dam Cherry Sparkler lacked early pace and caught the eye more often in defeat than victory, notably when failing by a short-head to catch Dark Thunder in Walthamstow's pounds 2,500 Star Racing Puppy Stakes.
Order a Passion Fruit Sparkler. Delta is offering these creations on all domestic and international flights over 450 miles this summer - as well as in Crown Room Clubs during the 4 to 7 p.m.
Despite being together for five years, the statuesque actress - who starred alongside Ioan in 102 Dalmatians - said she nearly missed the glaringly obvious sparkler.
JewelEye's secret: Surgeons cut a slit in the patient's conjunctiva and slipped the 0.3 cm (0.1 in.)-wide sparkler under the membrane.