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a firework that burns slowly and throws out a shower of sparks

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A little focused tasting of the main high-quality types available here--West Coast traditional-method sparklers, French Champagne, Spanish cava, and Italian prosecco--will quickly clarify the differences, reveal personal preferences, and turn a holiday gathering into a tasting party that will be fun for wine lovers and neophytes alike.
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled sparklers, take them away from young children and contact Jake's Fireworks to receive a full refund.
Sparkler will be located at DMP's New York headquarters and will report to COO/General Counsel Andrew Bergman.
BURN TIME: 1 min, 18 secs WOW FACTOR: Disappointing SCORE: 3/5 MINI Standard Five Legacy Sparklers (10 inch), 50p, from Sainsbury's.
The good news is that there is a whole world of other stylish sparklers produced elsewhere, in many cases by less time-consuming methods.
That means visitors to tonight's events south of the river at Saltwell Park, Barmoor and Oliver Henderson Park, and in the city at Elswick Park, Broadway West Playing Fields, Sandyford's City Stadium and Walker Park will be unable to wave sparklers.
HOW TO CLAIM: Simply cut out and take the voucher left to your nearest Netto store and exchange for one Free pack of Black Cat Crackling Sparklers worth 99p today, Sunday October 25, 2009.
Trained by John Mullins, the daughter of Droopys Woods-Minnies Sparkler had won a preliminary of that competition in 29.
Co-sponsor Schramsberg ended up with both a best- and a worst-ranked sparkler.
Ioan proposed to Alice on New Year's Eve while on holiday in Cuba and, while she wasn't looking, slipped a diamond sparkler in her mojito cocktail
PARENTS of young children are being warned about the dangers of allowing them to handle sparklers, in a campaign launched yesterday.
From the famous Jordan wines of California, this sparkler has lots of body, yeast, butter and great balance.
Andrew Backhouse, seven, of Acklam, showing off his sparkler |skills on November 5, 1979, in Middlesbrough, above
CAPT advises that parents don't hold a sparkler while holding a baby, keep an eye on all children, and encourage them to wear gloves and not to run around waving sparklers.