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a firework that burns slowly and throws out a shower of sparks

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This Spanish methode champenoise sparkler is produced in a large DO in the Catalonia region in blanc and rose styles.
Sparklers are often served in tall flutes-ideal for preserving bubbles, less so for releasing aromas and flavors.
Their global view, technology platform and worlduclass creative services truly set the company apart," Sparkler concluded.
And organisers of tomorrow night's privately organised fireworks display at Newcastle Cricket Club, in Jesmond, have also banned sparklers.
Today this unlikely locale furnishes Gruet with grapes for 130,000 cases per year of sparklers priced between $14 and $50, plus a small amount of still table wines.
This is a branch of the 'Minnies' family, for which Phantom Flash proved an excellent cross, his influence in this case being brought to bear on Eye Eye Pickle's granddam Minnies Sparkler.
Co-sponsor Schramsberg ended up with both a best- and a worst-ranked sparkler.
Ioan proposed to Alice on New Year's Eve while on holiday in Cuba and, while she wasn't looking, slipped a diamond sparkler in her mojito cocktail
PARENTS of young children are being warned about the dangers of allowing them to handle sparklers, in a campaign launched yesterday.
From the famous Jordan wines of California, this sparkler has lots of body, yeast, butter and great balance.
Andrew Backhouse, seven, of Acklam, showing off his sparkler |skills on November 5, 1979, in Middlesbrough, above
CAPT advises that parents don't hold a sparkler while holding a baby, keep an eye on all children, and encourage them to wear gloves and not to run around waving sparklers.
The first point to understand is that quality and character in any sparkler reflect both the underlying grapes and how the wine is made.
You can also snap up a Giant Sparkler for just 70p but hurry these explosive deals are only available while stocks last.
Although more than pounds 5,000 worth of bangers, rockets and other fireworks will go up in smoke over the skies of Durham next Wednesday, the humble sparkler will be missing from the Police and Fire Service display following complaints from footballers.